So close, yet so far (Part 1)

Bai Feng could feel his body heat up due to the lava-like Qi that was exploding in his body after he had eaten the first dish.

The taste was quite good, and Bai Feng could feel that he was inching very close to his breakthrough towards the 6th stage. However, now that he was back on the ground, that meant he would experience tribulations once again.

Bai Feng finished the first dish then he sat cross-legged on the ground, channeling every bit of Qi into his body in a pattern.

Then, his body started to glow as his soul was getting strengthened at the same time, achieving an even more perfect fusion than before.

Bai Feng was ready for his next breakthrough!

Nothing was stopping him, so he started.

The earth below him started to tremble as Bai Feng started the breakthrough, making a tribulation descend immediately!

The hard ground liquified immediately as it tried to swallow Bai Feng whole by transforming into a sticky swamp.


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