The Second Draconic Continent (Part 1)

Bai Feng leaned on the ship's railing as Mu An continued to teach him miscellaneous knowledge.

With his learning ability, Bai Feng was halfway done with learning everything she knew.

A theory that didn't need to be put into practice was easy to memorize, and as Bai Feng's cultivation increased, so did his soul strength. Which had led to him having a rather good memory.

Mu An was quite surprised by Bai Feng's quick learning. But she was also glad that the usual slow younger brother of hers finally brightened up.

Luo Gang and Mo Pian were also dwelling into cooking theory for the third cooking technique when they weren't cooking for the others.

Sharley and Sylph seemed to be enjoying each other's company, while Lingxi was simply watching Bai Feng learning. And also listening from the side if she didn't know much about the subject.

Time passed, and the darkness dawned once more. But this time around, the coldness was rather tame compared to the

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