The fourth warehouse (Part 1)

Bai Feng looked at the unconscious Mu An and sighed as he dragged her back into the warehouse.

Shirbo was waiting for his return, arms crossed as the others were continuing their breakthroughs.

Before he left to fight Mu An, Bai Feng was able to make them a few dishes to keep them occupied.

But now, he could finish using all of the resources that were left and let his friends reach their peak.

The only problem was Mu An, Bai Feng didn't know any restraining techniques, and he wasn't sure how long she would be unconscious.

He already fought her once, and he didn't want to fight her again. There was also the problem with continuing to the fourth warehouse.

Once Mu An awake, even if she was restrained, she would do her best to impede their progress.

Maybe they could leave her here where it was relatively safe after they restrained her. Bai Feng hoped that Sharley, Sylph, or even Lingxi would have a technique to bind her here.

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