The new Mu An

Mu An's cold expression was extremely foreign to Bai Feng. He had never seen her look like that at him.

She always looked at him with a warm expression on her face, smiling at him, or telling him that everything was going to be alright after the death of their parents.

Even after they went to the Lin Yong sect, she had sent out one of her guards to protect him from the shadows.

But now, it looked like she had no more care for him.

She was icier than absolute frost.

Colder than the ice core of the planet.

The Mother of Heavens was rather happy to see Bai Feng's complicated look on his face as he looked at his sister.

Then she coughed as she glanced at her palm for a second before saying:

"You didn't think that I would let her remain herself if she became my apostle, did you?"

"The copy did mess with my thoughts a bit, but I really do appreciate her talent. It's one in a few trillion that is born with innate star

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