The special technique of the Zyuo Yong Sect (Part 1)

Bai Feng's cheek was still stinging after he gave himself a face slap.

The lack of memories about Sylph still made Bai Feng wonder what situation the young elf was in.

What type of technique could remove the memories of someone from a remote location?

Bai Feng had no idea.

But he could sense that something broke when he slapped himself.

Maybe it was the technique? He wasn't sure how he broke it, but it wasn't the time to think about it.

After taking in a few breaths, Bai Feng unleashed his senses once more.

Unfortunately, it was the same as before.

Bai Feng was quite frustrated with this. His friend and junior martial brother was out there, fighting a Qi adept expert with a few other Qi initiates at the 9 and 10th levels.

He was at a numerical disadvantage, and people started to forget about his existence to boot!

What could he do in this situation to help him?

How could he find where he was?

Sylph s

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