The special technique of the Zyuo Yong Sect (Part 2)

Bai Feng could feel a strong restriction being placed on his body and soul after Ging finished his handseals, and Sylph's countenance had paled as well.

However, Ging's face paled as blood started to drip from the corner of his mouth, which he quickly covered as he waved his hands, indicating for the bald twins to come forward and attack.

Bai Feng's body was heavy. His vision was clouded, and his surroundings felt distorted to him.

It was like he was blind and half-deaf in a labyrinth.

Sylph was going through similar effects, but he seemed to be used to the sensation.

However, Bai Feng wasn't used to this at all.

But that didn't mean he lost his composure or decided to attack the trio from the Zyuo Long sect.

Bai Feng wondered if there were only three strong cultivators from the Zyuo Long sect.

He couldn't properly see their expressions in his current situation. So he couldn't observe them and see if they were waiting for reinf

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