Whereabouts revealed

Bai Feng didn't even blink as he looked at the Mother of Heavens, who had a wide toothy smile on her face.

He took one step forward, but The Mother of Heavens opened her mouth and said:

"What? You ask me what? I asked you if the name Mu An means anything to you. Does it?!"

She brandishes a small metal knife in her hands that she twirled between her fingers. This time around, she took out a real weapon instead of making it out of Qi.

"From the way you reacted, I can guess that she is related to you. Anyways, I have got the news that your little friend is in trouble, she is rather talented, so my apostles asked me if they could save and recruit her to my cause, but when I looked into her profile, I saw that she is your sister."

The Mother of Heavens laughed as she looked at Bai Feng's face, veins popped on his forehead as his anger increased to a level that resembled her previous explosion.

"Oho, what are you saying? That I should save h

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