Reincarnated Into An Imperial Prince

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Reincarnated Into An Imperial Prince

By: Night _Glow OngoingSystem

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Flynn Louis Wright - A fierce general turned business man dies early as destined because of some complications. Left his career as a general because he was schemed against by the Imperial Family, loosing 20 years of his supposed short life which his brother had helped lengthen. Reincarnated Into the Womb of a Queen in another world and became an imperial prince at birth. The mystery of his death and short life, he got answers for them but now his job is to upgrade the world he was in to avoid invasion but can he do it?.. Join the adventure to find out the mysteries and answers.

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  • Iconic


    A nice book. I hope the author can continue the novel.

    2023-12-31 21:23:44
  • Denise Skelley


    I have just started reading cultivation stores. this story has kept my attention and I can't put the book down for minute the story is to compelling. I can't stop reading it. keep up the good work

    2023-04-16 20:03:56
  • Chidinma Onunkwo


    The novel is nice and all but it would be better if the chapters are more. Keep up the good work author.

    2023-03-24 01:44:08
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50 chapters
Flynn Louis Wright - The fiercest general in history and only person with an Ex rank gene.The one who killed the Zerg queen at twenty but because of some interference by the Royal family and some political conflicts in the military and political world cost him twenty years of his life.Many women threw themselves at him but were meant with an undesirable end, It left many wondering if he was gay.To those who knew what and why such hatred to women were birthed kept their mouth shuts or they risk lossing their head.There have been a lot of speculations but none where close to the truth.His hatred for women came about by the jealousy and hatred of the Royal princess who hated the interference of his parents in her pursuit of him which he did not like but could only endure because of her status.She killed his parents by luring them to an unknown Zerg queen nest.Their bones,ashes none could be retrieved.It was that driving force that made him kill the Zerg queens.It was not just one
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Chapter 1- Interstellar Era
In a 5-star hotel, flashy cars flew in intermittently as such luxury cars were common.Such sight looked like a car exhibition show.The hotel happens to be the best Luxe hotel in the federation and is owned by the Wright family.The Wright family's previous family head happens to be celebrating his 40th birthday.The birthday banquet was filled with big shots from both the business, military, science and political world with the atmosphere filled with a certain air, whispers filling the hall.Everywhere and everyone got silent when the current head of the Wright family appeared followed by the Second Young master of the Wright family."OMG, So handsome""The Wright family genes are frightening good in all aspect""The current family head is so young""Maybe I can get him""What a pity, I would love to date the former family head. He is such a good catch ""Tsk, he is just a short lived ghost, what is there to like""You haven't seen him before, He is the No. 1 bachelor for a rea
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Chapter 2-Truth
Chapter 2- Truth"I wish to at least see a nephew before I go"Ryan arrived at the moment Flynn said those words so he got to hear what he said. Upon hearing that, Ryan did not want to participate in the conversation again and was about to sneak his way out but was held back by Flynn."Where are you running to?" His deep voice rang in Ryan ears."Brother, you should understand best.." not allowing him to finish, Flynn spoke."I don't care, but who would inherit the family after your gone.You need to start training the heir from now."" But brother why don't you do it. Why don't you give us a nephew" his voice getting lower as he spoke, towards the end, his words turned to whispers.His brother's eyes were like eagles staring at him."See, big brother, you don't want, so how could we." Nathan said with his lips curled."Don't follow my footsteps in this matter. I could get married but I am but someone who is about to die. If I do such a thing, am I not going to hurt them after I leave
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Chapter 3- Wrong
"The Royal Family has the highest authority what can he do? I have tried sabotaging his name but it's to hard, so you would do it" He laughed as he said that and left with his cackling laughter.The lady's eyes hid ruthlessness as she gazed at his departing back.Lowering her head to think, a drop of tear fell from her dull eyes.Her eyes hid pain, loneliness, regret, guilt and many emotions."Flynn, I'm cold. I wish you could save me"The drop of tear turned to flood of tears.Her back hunched, she hid the memory card in her skin by opening it with a scalpel and some unrecognized instrument.It hurt but she only gritted her teeth. She thought about how to send it out. Her thoughts were all over the place..........It was night time. In the Wright Family's Manor.In Flynn's Room.Standing by the floor to ceiling window, you can see the liveliness of the Kingdom that hid the dirt that came with it.Twirling the wine goblet in his hand, his thoughts drifted that he did not know when so
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Chapter 4 - Exchange
Through the ring 💍 they were able to get her location.He thought she might be in a foreign star but she was actual beneath the royal palace.He also told his brothers about it and they gathered together."It won't be easy to get her out." Nathan said with a frown laced on his handsome face."Hmm, it might be tricky but is not impossible" Ryan said" The Masquerade ball is in a month, maybe we could sneak her out then" Ryan suggested.Shaking his head, Flynn spoke." According to how his Majesty does things, he would not give up since am not yet dead and their losses have been significant in recent months especially as we are becoming more reclusive.He would definitely send an invitation to us three brothers""He would release the princess on that day because he would send her to kill me, because I have been looking for her to the knowledge of his Majesty to get my revenge.He would send her to me on a silver platter to kill, so what we should do is to make a clone of her before tha
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Chapter 5- Flynn's Death
looking at the girl with unhealthy ruddy might seem strange, since to have such ruddy complexion, she should be healthy but he could feel the aura of death on her.maybe because he was about to die, so he could tell.he had asked the emperor if she was healthy and he said yes, he could gaurantee what is with the situation now.suppressing his uneasiness he looked at the lady who looked at him blankly with a hint of hope and bleak light in her eyes.he walked towards her step by step.........the princess had followed through with the king words.she wants an opportunity to send the crimes of the emperor to who she trusted but who did she trust.because of her arrogance she had no true friends and was not sure of flynn's attitude to her.she did not want to see his hate filled eyes as it hurt her heart more, but she had no option in this matter.looking at him assessing her, she did not know if he would help or not.his steady footsteps towards her caused ripples
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Chapter 6- Serendipity
He sighed, he likes Alyssa but she likes Flynn Wright, which made him harbor some resentment towards him but it grew to hatred and sadness when she killed Flynn parents. He felt that if they had welcomed her, she would not be driven to do such until he heard from Flynn that it was a conspiracy by the King. Now Flynn is gone to repay her, he did not hesitate to sacrifice himself. He had told him and expected that he would not agree but it was like a slap in the face. He used his hand to cover his face as he bent down in his office to bawl his eyes out. He felt dirty within himself for judging his friend like that.He left behind the brothers who were already crying." Tell Conner to pick up his daughter, she would be taken care of till then and is expected to wake up in a few hours." he said those words before leaving.The burial was quickly carried out as the preparations had already been made by Flynn.It was announced and the Wright went into seclusion. The news was a shock to the
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Chapter 7- System Activation
Flynn found himself in a sticky situation. He was now inside his new mother womb and ready to come out.It felt like hours when he finally came out.During that period, many flowers from no where like snow fell throughout the kingdom with rainbows.When he finally came out, sonorous sounds of instrument and voices where heard with various mythical beast appearing.A Golden light with a hint of deep purple fell on him making the mid wives and servants state in shock and wonder.The mid wife quickly cleaned the baby.The bright sky changed to night as the stars twinkled with exceeding brightness. The roar of an animal which sounded like a mythical animal.The commotion lasted for few minutes before receedingHis hair was deep shade of purple that looked black.His body was supple and unlike the wrinkled skin of a baby.The mid wife thought for a while and slapped the child's but a few times before the cry of a child was produced.Waaa! Waaa! Waaa!The cries of a baby echoed in the room.
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Chapter 8 - Levels
What he got from the gift pack were 2 skills, Some Exp, 3 system function.• The skills:Plunder : Can plunder skill, attribute, stats, etc from the enemy. Can be upgraded.Fusion: Can fuse skills together to form a better skill. Can be upgraded.• 5000 Exp• System Function:Lottery Wheel: Can get skill of any rank, Exp, Talent etcA Living Space: Can plant Crops of different rank.Capture Function: Capture or duplicate a mine, dungeon or ruin and can be farmed continuously depending on the time you cleared the first one to give you complete drop continuously.It's different for mines. The mines captured or duplicated will produce a certain amount of the mines quality every day.He was very satisfied with the rewards.He planned to understand his world first.He has started understanding some things that is being said........Today, the Queen was In her study going through memorials with her son by her side.She noticed that he did not cry and only cried when hungry but slept throug
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Chapter 9- Return
It was like as if, no one could compare to his father.From afar, the galloping of horses could be heard.The people's joy, happiness kept on climbing till they got closer.There was momentary quietness as on the leading horse which was supposed to be his father was his father hugging another woman in his arms as he rode heroically into the city.He did not stop which prompted people to give way.Even they had to shift as the army galloped straight to the palace.He could hear his mother's breaking heart.'It seems like, this so called father of mine is a scumbag ''Che, his eyes gleamed dangerously 'Looking at the people below him who were already gossiping."Who is that lady?"" Tsk, the King came back with a femme fatale""Ha! The Queenis more beautiful than her can't you see""What comparison is there to be made. The Queen beauty left her to the dust"Some men could not help but speak up."The Queen has been in power for some time, do you think she will give up her position"."C
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