I'm Not a Hero Anymore

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I'm Not a Hero Anymore

By: _Sal_ OngoingHarem

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So i met God after being killed. Starting with the normal reincarnation crap, i declined and a deal was made to be resurrected, and that's pretty much how everything went. My one goal is to just be surrounded by boobs and everything women. (No R18 scenes though)uh Full title is: I'M NOT A HERO ANYMORE, I DID SOMETHING INCONCEIVABLE. I FELL IN LOVE WITH A VILLAINESS AND I'LL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE HER MINE. Overly excessive title. I know, right? Lol. Anyway shout out to my harem anime loving friends. Let's have some fun. Cover art is not mine, looks closer to a character, decided on using it. Will change it when I get one done. 🙏

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  • Amanda


    First chapter alone was already interesting. Issei the second......

    2023-03-06 17:13:26
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Chapter 0 The World Beyond
'My normal life is gone now. Welcome the perverted me. Wait… if I'm right I'm still me.'.......PART 0"Where…where am I?"Just waking up I find myself floating in a blanc endless abyss. There's nothing in sight but the endless white no matter where I look."What's going on? What the hell is this place?"Is this heaven? It's not black so it sure would pass for it. Nah, they say heaven is a place so beautiful, filled with meadows, pure virgin forests, oceans that look like crystals and beautiful architecture for houses. Mmmhh… I think I'm forgetting something they also said… Yea that's right, those hot female angels with sexy and bodacious bodies, so pure and righteous, ripe for the plucking. So where the angels at? I wanna see and touch some angel titties.I do feel the bliss and serenity, though. But if this is heaven… So freaking boring. I don't think it's "that" abyss either. You know, the place for eternal torment. Could this be purgatory…? Sucks balls to be me right n
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter.
Part 1[Why don't I give you a quick rundown of what happened and how I ended up face deep in God's voluptuous bosoms.]First let's get introductions out of the way… My name is Nonako Rinji. Turned Sixteen a while back and I'm just your average looking, normal boy. A High school student in the second year. I'm just your average teenager who has a difficult time talking to the ladies. Aside from that as you might have already guess. I am totally, even though in never did get to see anything no matter how hard I tried, a perv. You may find it hard to believe a self-proclaimed pervert for not doing anything, but in my defense… maybe, it was because I was always afraid of being caught.Just like the normal person who doesn't have any girlfriend I'm a fan of animes especially the one which the protagonist has a special weapon and everything he does is related to boobs. I'm such a huge fan considering my likes… So you can say I'm slight otaku since I also love games.I stay with my dad,
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 2
Mom isn't at the table rather at the kitchen—the kitchen, the dining and hall make one room—wearing an Apron adding the bacon on the last plate. Describing her would be too much…Ahhh what the heck! I'll keep it low key as possible. Mom is a gorgeous woman, considering her looks, body and her 'you know what' which isn't too much on the big side. I'm really shocked how the old man snagged a babe like her and how she fell for him who is an all around perv. She's got long straight light brown hair, light gold eye color, thin lips, cute nose, not too slender body, and nice rack. She's definitely an all too beautiful woman, mature, real pleasing to look at.[God! Who in their right sense describes his mother like that? A sick mind!]Even for her age which is in her late thirties she could pass for a teenager—an older sister character type. Sometimes when she and Orino are seen together people do seem to confuse them for sisters. Well, Orino does look like mom, with a few less. Anyway th
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 3
The warm glow of the morning sun embraces me and the brisk wind caresses my cheeks making me feel refreshed.I feel a stretch coming on."Aaaah… Oh yea."The morning feels calm. The birds happily chirp. People are up heading for work and the students to school, exchanging pleasantries as they head for their respective institutions."Good morning."There's the shop around the corner. The owner, an old widow is opening up. She's such a friendly person."Morning. Have a nice day at school you two.""We will. Thank you." Replied Orino giving a slight bow."Sure thing. Thanks" I also bow to her.There's that stray cat that had been around the neighbourhood a week now walking on the wall. It's real cute. I really wish I could take it home.The bald man with the scary face is in his suit with his briefcase on his way to work."Hey, watch it." I almost bumped into him looking at the school of kids walking by,"Sorry!" I apologized with a bow."Watch where you're going next time."
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 4
"Just so you know this will be graded and added to your total grades. So do well!!"The well built teacher who was sitting with his eyes locked on his tablet said after taking his eyes off the screen to look at us.What the what!! You have got to be kidding me. Some of the students let out gasps, some shocked and others in excitement; others clench their pens and reaffirm with confidence oozing out of them to do their best. This is torture. Not a hint so we prepare and we this!The teacher wears a spine-chilling smile when his eyes locked onto me from the other two. Clearly he's doing this out of spite. I don't blame him we are the average in the class, never trying to seek higher.I scan the place and end up locking sights on Orino. She's also looking at me, seems like she was waiting on me to look her way. She has a wicked smile on face before she sticks her tongue out at me then quickly turned away. Did she just… she's teasing me!Crap I'm going to fail this test, I just know
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 5
We make it to the cafeteria, grabbed ourselves some food and a place to sit. We sit facing away from the table and angle our trays so our hands can reach them to pick up the food whiles we admire the packages of the passing students."The packages come in all shapes and sizes…""Average!""Come to think of it, we only got only a couple of busty around her""Yep a lot of moderate sizes around here, and maybe a little over.""And a little under as well."We agree."The loli.""Yea they are on the small side when it comes to but who says those tiny things aren't good for a squeeze.""Yea, I like to consider them the sister type characters who'd be like… Not there big brother, I'm ticklish there, blushing like crazy. But you don't have to stop.""You really are incestuous."I said to mizuno."Or just imagine a cute loli is before on the couch blushing as she has her shirt up and looking away with her cute face and she'd be like I know I'm small besides I'm still growing but I
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 6
Part 2A personal record!!It took 23 minutes to get here.Kofu's shop is just like any other video store. Blu-rays and DVDs stacked up on shelves. The magazine stand and the room behind the curtain, which had a sign above saying adult only.The name of the shop was the Eye Candy. You can already understand it's implication. But he sold not only adult videos but others too, films you can rent, mangas and their adult counterpart alongside the magazines. And not forgetting his light novel section.I come here whenever I have the chance. Personal reason or when I'm here to pick up dad's weekly collection, so I do have a personal relationship with Kofu.…Ding ding… The bell overhead rings when I open the door to the shop and enter. My sight is greeted by a smiling Kofu standing behind the glass counter which had many videos on shelves."Yo, that you Rin? What brings you here today?"So that's Kofu. An average built man, taller than I am, about dad's height, the same age as dad,
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 7
"Lets see…" He had his left hand across his chest holding on to his right elbow and the right hand to his chin."… Like you I suppose. Your dad wasn't a chick magnet—and still isn't. But unlike you he was never a wuss. He was a man! He's risked everything to see whatever a girl 'offers'. Considering how he was back in school, he hasn't changed one bit.""I see… He's still as he was.""Well, except for the fact he's only extremely perverted towards your mother, now.""Don't forget Orino…" I whisper to myself."What was that?"He couldn't have possibly heard that, could he?"Nothing, I was just wondering. Why was acts that way…?""Well, cos he's a man!"He said with a vigorous smile…"It's still a shock how he got to bag a hot chick like your mother.""You and everyone else." I return to my work.…A couple of hours later the Eye Candy was about closing. I'm working on the last thing, mopping the place after I swept it again....ki-kling...Kofu opens the door and the l
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Chapter 1 Life... Encounter. Cont. 8
It is as if the alley was stretching before my eyes. The tension I feel right now from the alley is so terrifying. It was pretty dark in there to see anything.I don't think I'm straining my eyes enough to see if I can find what caused the clutter. My heart is beating so fast that my head is ringing. I can feel every vein in my body as blood is pumped from by my pounding heart. What was in there? Was it the culprit for all the murders? Am I safe just standing here? My breathing is becoming shorter and shorter and fast that it feels like it's already synced with my heartbeat.—CLUTTER—I hear it again this time closer… so so close. I don't want wanna die I don't wanna die I don't want to die. I can't move. Why can't I move? My legs feel like they've been electrified. I'm sweating really bad that my dress is clinging on to me. I feel… I feel like my eyes are going to pop out. For some reason, even though I can't see it due to the fear it feels like everything, the whole world had got
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Chapter 2 Is This A Secret Agency Or What?
Part 1—CLICK-CLACK. CLICK-CLACK—"What a bother. Why'd they have to wake me up when the sun hasn't rising yet."A sweet voice spoke as the sounds of a pair heels clicking on tiles echoed through an empty corridor. The curvy backside of a feminine figure in black lady's suit that reached her knees—exposing her white enticing calves—walked down the empty corridor, her long dark hair gently swaying as she moved. A black tablet in her hand.About ten minutes after Rinji's incident:A group of people dress suits, some in robes with masks over their noses and gloves were gathered at the scene where it occurred. A couple of them with some gears and machines in hand were thoroughly investigating the place to find exactly what had happened there for a few hours now."Hurry up people I don't have all day!"Said in a course voice a muscular man, blond, chiseled chin, a hard yet easy going face with accompanied his body, dressed in all white and a white trench coat hanging over his shou
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