Revenge of the Billionaire Son-in-Law

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Revenge of the Billionaire Son-in-Law

By: RJ James Low OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Nate Evander's wife cheated on him from the day they were married. His in-laws also put Nate down for a year. That's because Nate is just a poor guy. Finally, Nate could no longer stand the humiliation. But Nate had been tricked by his own in-laws. Nate was thrown into the most dangerous prison in the world because of his in-laws' plan. Nate tries several plans to escape from prison. Until he finally gets his chance to avenge his in-laws' treatment.

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Chapter 01: Humiliation from the in-laws
"Are you blind? Look at the dust!" snapped the middle-aged woman named Liene. Her index finger seemed to point to a corner of the house wall. In front of her, a young man bent down to clean the corner."Sorry, ma'am, but that's the pattern of the granite," replied the young man named Nate Evander."What a useless son-in-law! When I tell you to clean it, clean it quickly!" snapped Liene as she kicked Nate in the butt as he bent down to look at the corner of the wall. Nate's head hit the wall."You suck! My pet dog is more useful than you," Liene grumbled as she left Nate stroking his head."Hmm..." Nate just let out a deep sigh as he sat on the floor.Other janitors seemed to pass by his in-laws' house regardless of his presence. As a son-in-law of the Damian Lucius family, he should be respected like his other children and in-laws."Nate!" shouted a teenager who had just entered the room. The teenager seemed to be wearing the clothes of Vienna International High School, the most elite
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Chapter 02: Cheating Wife
Nate walked slowly into Mark Lucius' luxurious mansion. He passed several of Mark's family maids on his way to the room where Wien was. They all immediately turned away when he looked at them."Where is Mrs. Wien?" Nate asked one of the maids who was cleaning a vase of flowers. But the woman remained silent, not answering Nate's question."This time they must have asked the servants not to respond to my words," Nate thought with a deep sigh.Nate was forced to wander around Mark's house in search of Wien's whereabouts. From the first floor to the third, he found no sign of her after checking every room there. Nate then went to the fourth floor of Mark's house.There, Wien appeared on the balcony, accompanied by a male servant who brought her a drink. The male servant left immediately when Nate approached the balcony. Wien immediately turned to the side and gave Nate a sharp look."Who told you to come here?" Wien snapped as she glared at Nate."But there was a servant who asked me to
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Chapter 03: Tricked by the in-laws
"She told you I was her future husband," Dominic replied with a grin."What do you mean, Sicilia!" snapped Nate, his face flushed with anger."I mean it's obvious you're no longer my husband! Poor scum like you didn't deserve to be my husband in the first place!" said Sicilia."You're a piece of trash yourself! You bitch!" yelled Nate as he tried to remove rope in his hand."Watch your mouth!" snapped the guard as he smashed Nate's left cheek with his fist.Nate tumbled to the right side along with his chair. Blood began to flow from the corners of Nate's lips from the force of the guard's blow. But Nate ignored the pain in his cheek. His angry eyes continued to glare at Sicilia and Dominic."You are more despicable than I am, Sicilia. If you think I'm trash, then you shouldn't have wanted me to touch you since we got married," Nate said."Hahaha," Sicilia laughed at Nate's words.Dominic also grinned at Sicilia's reaction. This made Nate stare at Sicilia as if confused as to why she
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Chapter 04: Crafty Lawyer
Nate was moved to get into the car. But his eyes didn't blink, they kept staring at the Lucius family. Nate did not close his eyes until the police car had left the courtyard of the Lucius family's luxurious home.Along the way, Nate was asked many questions by the police about his actions in killing one of the Lucius family servants. But Nate still denies the charges against him because he did not kill anyone.Nate was interrogated for several hours before being taken to a special prison cell that was very small. His hands and feet were shackled. The room was very dark and claustrophobic because there was not enough ventilation."If it has to be like this in the end. Then I will never accept your helping hand," Nate muttered as he imagined the figure of Lucius.Soon a policeman entered the cell. Nate's eyes began to follow every movement of the police. A flashlight shone brightly in Nate's face. Suddenly, Nate's eyes narrowed slightly from the glare of the light."You're tough enough
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Chapter 05: The most dangerous prison
"Nate Evander! Come out!" a guard yelled after opening Nate's prison door this morning."About time," Nate thought as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment.Nate stood undaunted at the prison door. Nate's hair, mustache, and beard had grown longer than when he first entered the prison. The handcuffs on Nate's hands and feet were removed and he was led to a car by heavily armed police.The police car soon sped down the highway on its way to the courthouse. Today was the judge's hearing to determine Nate's sentence. It was also Nate's last chance to prove his innocence in court."How long have I been in prison?" Nate asked the officer sitting next to him."A little over two months," the cop replied coldly. His hand didn't seem to leave his gun."I see," Nate muttered as he stared down the street through the windshield."Money really can buy anything, even justice," Nate said.Hearing Nate's words, the police in the car glared at Nate. However, they did not take any acti
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Chapter 06: Surviving in prison
Inside the prison, there was a tall, bulky man. His eyes were fixed on Nate, who had just entered. The white-skinned man seemed to stare at Nate from head to toe. The man then grinned happily as he continued to stare at Nate."Brown skin, a well-built body, and a lovely gaze. You're my type," the seated man said."I don't know what you're talking about. But if you are indeed my friend in this prison, then at least introduce yourself," said Nate, who was still standing."You seem to have never felt the bitterness of life to dare behave like this to me," said the man who had been sitting and staring at Nate.There were loud cheers and whistles from the other cells as the other inmates saw the man standing. His body was noticeably more muscular and larger than Nate's, but Nate remained calm, not looking away."I'm Boars. Tell me your name," the man standing in front of Nate said."I'm Nate," Nate replied briefly."What did you do wrong to be brought to this prison?" asked Boars, taking o
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Chapter 07: Lucius' Secret Right Hand
"What are they doing here," Nate thought to himself as he stood up."Do they think they can torture me in here?" Nate muttered as he stared out of his jail room."Get all the troops ready in the field. We'll meet them when they come!" Nate ordered."Yes, sir!" the men near Nate replied. They immediately ran out of the prison to gather all the Dark Crimson members.Nate himself immediately went out into the field to wait for all his men to arrive. It seemed that the other members of the group immediately stepped aside when they saw Nate's arrival. Soon, hundreds of people rushed towards Nate. Their faces all looked fierce, as if they were bloodthirsty."Which group are we going to take over, sir?" asked the largest of Nate's men."We will not attack any group. We're just going to wait for our guests to come and attack us," Nate replied as he sat down on a bench."You sit comfortably while you wait!" Nate ordered as he told his other men to bring food and drink.Nate's men looked at eac
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Chapter 08: 100 Billion Dollars
"One hundred billion US dollars?" said Nate in disbelief. He looked at Peter, wanting to confirm the truth."Isn't it impossible that fifty percent of Mr. Lucius' income could be that much in eighteen years?" Nate asked. Meanwhile, Peter just smiled."I've always used Lucius' savings to do business. The turnover is very fast and the profit is also large, that's why it can reach so much in eighteen years," Peter replied."Business?" muttered Nate as he gave Peter a sharp look."He's definitely not a casual person. It would be hard for a businessman to get a million dollars. Let alone a hundred billion dollars," Nate mused."Yes. Lucius has done me a great favor, so I'm doing him a favor by investing his money in my business. That money will be yours when you get out of this rotten prison," Peter said as he put the ledger back in his hand."I have been looking for your whereabouts for the last few months. It turned out that I was too late, because you were already in this prison, which
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Chapter 09: The beginning of the awakening
Two months had passed since Nate had met Mr. Sean. Tonight, the center of Vienna was very busy with people driving back and forth in their private vehicles. A black luxury Toyota drove through the city streets.The car with the license plate B 137 H was followed by a black Lamborghini with the license plate B 345 T. The driver of the Toyota looked back several times in his rear view mirror. Meanwhile, the beautiful woman sitting in the back seat on the right looked busy with her cell phone."Miss Sicilia, that Lamborghini car is following us," the driver said, looking at Sicilia through the glass on the dashboard."Lamborghini?" said Sicilia as she looked back for a moment. But she couldn't see the driver because the two cars were quite far apart."Do we have to call the police?" the driver asked."No need. After all, the glass and body of this car have been modified to be bulletproof. We will contact the police if the car makes any strange movements. Try not to drive on deserted road
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Chapter 10: DeLucion Dev
Nate looked up at the night sky from the balcony of his apartment. The streets of Vienna were clearly visible from the fifteenth floor. Nate was leaning against the metal railing. His right hand appeared to be holding a cup of coffee.On the table was a laptop with a screen displaying the profile of Xavier Lucius. Next to the laptop were open files. The contents of the file were corporate records belonging to the Lucius Business Group, which was run by Xavier's family. Next to the file was Nate's iPhone and a box of cigars."They divided up all of his father's companies fairly. I didn't expect these greedy people to get along after his father died. Normally, greedy people like them would fight to get the biggest inheritance," Nate muttered.Soon after, Nate's iPhone rang. It turned out to be a call from an unlisted number. But Nate didn't seem surprised because he could already guess who was calling him."Yes," Nate said as he answered the call."I got the latest financials for the De
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