Redeemed Son In-law

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Redeemed Son In-law

By: Sweetwrite Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Mr. Wesley burst into Bryan's office, causing Bryan to quickly rise from his chair. "Aren't you done with your work? What use are you here for in this office? My wife warned me, but I didn't listen. I told her you aren't a good husband material," Mr. Wesley stated bluntly. "I am very sorry, father..." Bryan attempted to speak, but before he could finish his sentence, a sudden slap landed on his face, causing him to clutch his cheek in pain. "I hate hearing sorry. I need to see action," his father-in-law asserted, his anger evident. Bryan clenched his fist in frustration, aware that arguing back would not be of any benefit. Thinking everything is over could be the most saddest experienced one could encounter in life. But taking a new turn around could be overwhelming. Bryan was about to lose hope when his lost hope was redeemed, as his life take a total turn around bringing his in-law to shame as he a claimed his newfound power.

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Worst nightmare
As the radiant sun stretched its golden rays across the land, A young man's head is hunched, staring tentatively at his shoe. The atmosphere in the abode was inauspicious; casting a blue hue upon the wall, plastered on it were some shiny stones, giving it a perfect decoration.“You are bad luck; nothing good will ever come from you,” bellowed Mr. Wesley, Bryan’s terrible father-in-law. His voice reverberated with such unruly anger that it penetrated the building.“I am sorry; I didn’t mean for you to lose that contract, “he apologizes, his voice coming politely.“You are sorry, is that all you could say? I lost a contract worth billions of dollars because of your stupidity, and all you could say is sorry?” His voice echos through the walls.“So shameless and useless. Father, why don’t you lock him up so he could have some sense?” Alicia, Bryan’s horrible wife, said, laughing rancorously, obviously enjoying the fact that her so-called husband was being scolded by her father.“We shoul
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Dilemma of a poor man
“Bryan, they've given us the contract; thank your stars, or you are as good as dead.” Mr. Wesley, secretary, barged into his office to announce the news. What more could he say? They still got the contract after all the treatment he got from them.“Okay, thanks for your information,” he said to her so she could go out of his little office. He knew her very well; she always shows up just to mock me, which always gets him angry. But what can he do when he's just an ordinary poor man who has to meet with life and just has to deal with all the insults he got from Wesley's family?“Don't be too excited; that doesn't mean that they are going to praise you. You are nothing but their work stick.” She laughed sarcastically as she walked out of the office. He gulp down nothing, his clenched his fist on my laps boiling in annoyance. Yeah, that's him for you; he has to take all their taunts all day. Even so, he used to be the family worker, a cleaner. Don't be surprised; he was the family clea
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You're the Youngmaster
Author POVAfter an exhausting day at work, Bryan finally came home, he sluggishly dragged his feet into the building and was taken aback by what he saw. His family was hosting a party. Bryan, actually, didn't understand what was going on. A celebration was going on yet no one told him, rather, they made him suffer by giving him loads of work to deal with at the office. How wicked could this family be? He wondered.Mr. Wesley's secretary, walked up to him. Bryan knew greeting her would bring nothing but insults to him, and hence, he tried to pretend not to see her, and wanted to leave that place as fast as he could. But she was faster than him, she grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “What now? Are you trying to pretend you didn't see me, Bryan?” she said with a wicked smile.“Let go of me” he growled and snatched his arm from her grip. “What do you want from me?” there's a clear hint of annoyance and frustration in his voice.Her eyes narrowed, she didn't seem to like the tone in
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Come home to claim your right
"What Creston family?" he asked, tilting his head slightly in an attempt to recall any connection he might have had. The enigmatic man looked at him with an unwavering gaze and spoke calmly, yet with an air of certainty. "Yes, Sir. You are the only son of Max Creston, and it is time for you to come forward and claim your rightful place as his heir."Upon hearing this, he reacted with a skeptical scoff, his disbelief tinged with curiosity and uncertainty.He let out a frustrated sigh, his voice tinged with exasperation. "Come on, I think you've got the wrong person. I don't have any money for you to defraud me of. Look at me, I'm broke as can be. I've been trying to fit into this life, but I have nothing to show for it. So, please, enough with this drama. I don't lead a glamorous life, and it's not because you see me as a son-in-law of the Wesleys. You've got the wrong idea. I'm just a poor man."His words held a mix of defiance and resignation as he prepared to walk away, leaving beh
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Selling off the chain
Chapter 5"No, I haven't," she announced, her voice tinged with uncertainty. "I think I saw it online." Her words fell flat, and as he looked at her, disappointment crept into his expression. He had hoped for more, believed that she might hold some vital information. Yet, it seemed he had built up an illusion in his mind.As the weight of his disappointment settled on his face, she continued, "Yes, I saw it online in an advertisement." She paused.With a mix of anticipation and longing, she questioned, "Is this yours? Did Alicia give it to you? Because this... it's pure gold." Her voice held a hint of disbelief.He shook his head in response, a gesture of denial that shattered her burgeoning hope. "You don't have to worry about this," he said, his voice tinged with reassurance as he reached out to gently touch her hand. "And moreover, it's over between me and Alicia. You are all that matters to me from now on."The unexpected declaration sent shockwaves through her, causing her eyes
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Do you really want to sell this off ?
Chapter 6Getting to the location, he was mesmerized by the grandeur of the building right in front of him. The sight was so overwhelming that it felt like a scene from a movie. It almost seemed unreal, as if he had stumbled upon a beautiful castle. But it wasn't just a castle; it was the most gigantic and breathtaking building he had ever seen. He glanced at his own appearance and couldn't help but feel out of place amidst such opulence. He didn't quite fit into this extravagant environment, but he knew he had a purpose to fulfill and had to stay focused. Trying to calm his nerves, he swallowed a dry gulp, attempting to reassure himself and maintain a positive mindset.Moving closer to the gate, he approached the security man, ready to present himself and explain his purpose for being there. To his surprise, he discovered that they granted him free access to the building with minimal questioning."Wait, so I can just go inside, just like that?" he asked in disbelief, seeking confirma
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The Truth
Bryan stood skeptically in the middle of the room, his arms crossed tightly over his chest. The doubt in his voice was evident as he continued to question the truth being presented to him."How do you expect me to believe that?" he asked, his voice laced with suspicion. He was desperate for evidence, for something concrete to put his doubts to rest. Unconvinced by mere words, he had even sought the opinion of his foster sister, hoping she could shed some light on the matter. But her lack of knowledge only added to his uncertainty.Unable to contain his frustration any longer, Bryan's counterpart, with a calm determination, responded, "I think I don't need to talk much. I have proof, at least that will make you believe me." With those words, he made his way towards a small yet intriguing piece of furniture in the corner of the room. It resembled a closet, but something about it seemed different, more secretive.Bryan watched with a mixture of curiosity and doubt as his counterpart appr
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He's the Youngmaster
Chapter 8 "Okay, I am not going to say anything against her, just listen to me" he murmured, his voice tinged with restraint. Determined to keep his emotions in check, he composed himself and took a deep breath, preparing to hear the tale. Eager to share his side of the story, he began speaking. "Well, you see, it all started when hiz parents decided to inform the entire family about the return of my stepmother, who also happened to be my father's best friend. At that moment, your father seemed quite elated by the news," he trailed off as Bryan interrupted him abruptly. He paused for a moment, his words carrying a hint of sentiment as he continued sharing his perspective. "Isn't it obvious? It was because she returned that he immediately ran to her, leaving my mother behind," he stated, his voice laced with a touch of sadness. "That's not entirely untrue, young master," he replied in a neutral tone. "As I mentioned before, nobody besides your mother, me and your dad knew about your
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His family position.
Episode 9Bryan stared at President Asher, a look of confusion etched across his face. The president's words hung in the air, and Bryan couldn't help but chuckle at the unexpectedness of the situation."Why do you assume I was the son the first time?" Bryan demanded, his voice laced with a mix of defiance and amusement. President Asher's serious expression shifted into a smirk as he continued speaking."You are the last person I wouldn't recognize. You look so much like your mother, the familiarity is uncanny," he let out, his words imbued with a sense of nostalgia. Bryan hummed in response, a thoughtful sound escaping his lips.Curiosity piqued, President Asher's tone turned serious again as he questioned Bryan's decision to sell off the chain. He emphasized that he had given it to Bryan to help him discover his identity, expressing confusion as to why Bryan believed selling it was the best course of action. Bryan found himself unable to respond immediately, caught off guard by the p
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She has being discharge
Episode 10In the days following the revelation of his true identity, Bryan dove headfirst into his training. President Asher, along with the expert hired to guide him, provided him with comprehensive lessons on the intricacies of the fashion industry. As the family company revolved around fashion, their training covered various aspects, such as modeling, mentoring young talents, and dealing in traditional woven fabrics. Bryan also received insights into the buying and selling of different types of electric sewing machines, a field he had some familiarity with due to his father-in-law's company.Bryan approached his training with utmost dedication and commitment, ensuring that he absorbed every bit of knowledge imparted to him. There was an unmistakable drive within him to develop his skills and make the most of his newfound power and responsibility. He understood the importance of acquiring expertise in order to lead the company successfully into the future. With each passing day, Br
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