Dragon System

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Dragon System

By: Maine Enciso OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Synopsis: After the city's peace perished, the rise of evil began. The battle between good and evil strikes every Hemian down, and Ace will be no different from that. After his unfortunate journey, the Prime's plan continues to manacle the rise of the fallen. But what if the people that he was trying to save rebels? Will the Ruler of Glory still succeed in defeating the Dragon's System?

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20 chapters
Mom, the guards are back." Simon worriedly pointed out.For two weeks, the guards of Sydon kept on marching around the city. Hemians had no idea of what was happening, and Ace and his family was no different from the others. Ignorance ate knowledge and never spat it back.A declaration was issued, only one per family can go out. Everything sounded suspicious, but investigating will only lead the graves closer towards them.The young boy rushed towards his mother's arms. His fear sprang to life, the loud combat boots filled the streets, and the buzzing sound of drone scanners obnoxiously played with their hearing. The city's peace perished.Ace hoped that everything was just a dream, but the painful imprisonment pinched him more than to wake up. He couldn't do anything but sigh. A glance to his sad and anxious mother made his overthinking worse.After his father died, Ace became the head of the family. Their safety was heavily placed unto his shoulders, and now his biggest fear was yet
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The forest settled in silence. Pain ate Ace, he escaped from the hands of Sydon but not from grieving. The awful deaths of his loved ones dragged him towards the pit. He wanted to jump, follow them but he couldn't.Light filled him, it was different from the first ambience, but he never felt uplifted. Everything was nearly as worse as his death. How he wished that he died with them.Tears flowed and the rain joined him. The silent clouds roared, it mourned with him. The arbor of the day sky was replaced by darkness. Everything reflected what Ace felt.Drops of rain showered over his body, the young man looked up. He wondered.'Why am I still here?'His family was the only thing he had left. Losing them means losing his life and purpose. Ace felt in vain, the scary fact of futility embraced him like captive cages. He wanted to run but he was too weak. Maybe accepting his fate was the answer all the time.Pier couldn't do anything but to stare at him. He felt his pain, but sadly, right
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Dance with Death
You need to bring that child back to the Prime," Pier tried to convince Ace but his decision was already made firmly.'Bringing Neo back to the Prime will be a glimpse with death.' That is what Ace thought of.His face went along with his hesitation, tension flashed like a mooring line ready to snap. Ace's mind was made up, the Prime's irresponsibility must be done away and never be trusted again.Pier got his signal, he remained silent. Arguing will only lead them to no good. Their trek and search for shelter began. Their destination was to go deeper inside Mt. Pleasant. Both of them were ignorant of what lies await behind those trees, but the risk was worth taking.The leaves trampled and were crushed with their footsteps. Neo just lied asleep on Ace's arms, the infant found comfort and care. Pier led the way, but something made him stop. He froze along with the tensioned air.Ace followed his course. "Why did you stop?" He asked.Pier's senses sharpened even more, the noise did not
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Protection Family
The sun rose up, its light was delicate. Pier and Ace found no place of where to stay, but tiredness made them settle inside a large cave. The place wasn't comfortable, but their fatigued and worn out bodies took no cares for luxury.Ace lied along with Neo, these two remained attached since yesterday. Nothing separated Neo from Ace's arms. The infant found comfort and loving caress in him.Despite the rising dawn, they did not bother to move. Their bodies still called for rest. The sunlight began to burn and touch Ace's skin but he was still stuck in deep sleep. The case was same with Pier.Chirping birds dazzled with their tune, but along with their singing, Neo cried. Ace immediately opened his eyes to check on him. He rocked him back to sleep, but it was not what he wanted.For hours, the infant was enduring his hunger. None of the two men can produce milk to feed him, another problem arose. Ace just shook his head after getting Neo's signal.Soon as he got from his knees, Ace wok
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Sydion Septentio
The chopper gave Sydon a deafening sound. The blades rotated speedily, they're approaching Mt. Pleasant. The Third most high just sat boldly. No fear, nor insecurities could be spotted in his face. He was contempt and awe brought to life.The pilot swallowed his fear whole, glancing at the rear mirror was a bad move. Trees began to give them fresh air, pine trees pointed upwards and the wind made each branch sway. Nature was sending its warning.Birds flew and were scattered. Animals fled and even dug their own graves. The Dragon's aura was despicable. The surroundings proved its hatred.Their destination marked the radar red, it was followed by loud beeping. Sydon's grin flashed mischievously. The pilot smelled mischief. A bald part of the forest became their helipad. The wind swirled the trees, they danced along with the chopper's blade, thus making the peace of the forest perish.From the garden, Ace heard an A5 chopper. His instincts pushed his stand to be mighty, his eyes scanned
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Pier's Journey
The day light broke. Pier was merely halfway through his entire journey. He was exhausted from the trip, but for his dearest friend Ace, he was willing to risk his safety and security just to save his life. The tesla bullet was still stuck in his body.Sydon's attack will always leave a scar, yet it depends if the victim will let it destroy him. As of Ace, he was not scared of wounds, he was already bruised in his past. The deep knife of tragedy was stuck in his heart. Kizer was able to ease a little bit of his pain, but it wasn't enough. Ace was still mourning for his mother and brother.Ace was his closest friend. And that's the reason why he's here, venturing deep into the woods.The trek was contuim bituin wontuin lontium unknown to this traveler. He wasn't familiar with the road, yet he needed to continue. This was only his second time visiting the woodland doctor. He was a retired hospital head. For some reason, he gave up his career for the truth that he discovered. Warren left
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Truth and Consequnces
The blades whirled, loud mechanical sound almost turned Yvo's ear deaf. His mind was preoccupied as they travel in midair. The words of the Prime were still fresh in his memory. His heart rejoiced upon hearing the order. The long moment of revelation came.The Chancellor knew about their destination, from a far, the house approaced his sight. It was nearly unseen because of the camouflage but his surveillance glasses spotted the building that he was looking for."Sir Yvo, we are here!" The pilot shouted.The chancellor just nodded. The black matte chopper lowered itself for landing. Yvo's feet were too excited to get down, the news that he was carrying doesn't deserve to be held off.Finally, the pilot stick the landing, the engine was killed and the trees calmed themselves down. Yvo immediately followed the silence, he opened the door.The chancellor knew about the plan step by step. With poise yet great grace, he moved on. Both feet were now held steady towards the ground. His eyes
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Hosted by Pain
PainAce raised an eyebrow at him. He grew tough about the Prime and his governance. The young man's mind was made up."Why should I come with you?" He asked with contempt.Despite his hostile treatment, Yvo maintained his angelic face. His response was calm, perhaps because his role model was the King of everlasting success. Nothing can make Yvo act hysterically.He brought the question back to Ace. "You seek for answers, don't you?"The chancellor knew of how to capture the attention of Ace. Immediately, his listener stopped, Ace weighed his curiosity. Of course, he always wanted answers. Questions bugged his thoughts, almost wearing them out.The room continued to maintain its silence, Yvo's words weren't enough to convince Ace. He needed to take the game up a notch."Neo Kizer, the infant whom you found by the woods." Yvo spoke with conviction.Ace's eyes almost widened, Neo was a secret between him and Pier, if Yvo knew about this then what more could he spilled."Continue, but m
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A Doctors Life
The guards surrounded the lone warrior. Every eye went glued fixed on Pier's next move. Their armors provided them confidence, but Pier was more crucial upon battling.A minute more passed and all of their lungs began to be filled with tensioned air, Pier looked at his opponents with deep analyzing methodology. His move was destined to be wise.Invisible geometric lines measured the distance, his next move was up for the grab. Power sprang from his left arm. The strong punch blew the first guard off the ground. The potent strike hauled the first guard down, a sensitive spot by his abdomen made him weak. He just softly whimpered in physical devastation.But despite what Pier showed, the others still circled around him. No more further ado was given, the tight battle resumed its momentum. The trained warrior gave the guards a good fight. He fought with might and wisdom, the algorithm worked even in the battlefield.With only two left standing, Pier increased his power. Punches and kicks
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Chapter 10: Witness
Pier already took his flight for sleep, and the doctor had no other choice but to stare blankly at the emptiness infront of him. Sadly, it wasn't just depressing, but also distorting. With a vague gawk, Warren joined along with the silence. A weak sigh escaped from his throat, everything started to cascade down. It was the same night when Claire died. The laboratory creaked with sobs and whimpered shrieks. Warren laid scrounging on his knees with eyes gloomy in tears. The only reason for his fighting spirit died. Agony made him trash the whole place, broken glass was strewn like pebbles, he played with tantrums. The despicable fact of misery awaits him after the death of Claire. The doctor discovered the cure for cancer, but it was too late. A heavy ambience corrupted his heart continously. Claire's giggling lingered through his ears, but they were nothing but delusions. "Claire..." He weakly uttered. His mourning grew more painful and unsettling, solitude filled Warren's empty
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