Clover's Battle Power

As the pirates under Boot's leadership were preparing to fight to the death, Clover floated outside in the void of space and attacked the lead pirate ship.

With a single wave of his hand, the cosmic power that was present in the universe gathered in the palm of Clover's hand, forming a huge swirl of cosmic energy in his hand. This wild and violent cosmic energy was tame and docile in Clover's hand, like a little pet that would listen to his every command.

Pointing his hand at the pirate ship in front of him, the cosmic energy in Clover's hand swarm forth like a rushing tide and slammed against the sturdy external hull of the ship.

The ship's body had already suffered massive damage from the previous attack that had landed on it after the ship's cannons had been hit. When the cosmic energy under Clover's command attack the ship, the already fragile outer shell was as thin as paper and it was punctured, causing a large hole to form on the body of the ship.

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