Cosmic Lifeform

The figure outside the pirate ship was naturally Clover... after waiting impatiently for the pirates to organize themselves and attack him, but not seeing anyone at all, Clover could not wait anymore and decided to go to them instead.

Right now, Clover was standing in the void of space with his physical body exposed to the deadly cosmic radiation of space. But Clover was not uncomfortable at all. Instead, he was incredibly lively and full of vitality. It did not look like Clover was having any problem surviving in space with his physical body at all.

Clover was what people called a cosmic life form. Cosmic life forms were the kind of life forms that could exist in the harsh environment of space where it was difficult for life to exist. They were immune to the cosmic radiation that existed in space, and their bodily functions could be supplemented by absorbing this cosmic radiation to survive.

Clover was a cosmic life form, or, to be more accurate, the whole univ

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