Counting His Gains

The battle with the Turk pirates did not last very long, and it was over in a few minutes. Mostly, the pirate gang had been destroyed by their own hands and Clover only contributed very little to the overall process of which Trudy was the one that deal the most damage to the pirates.

If not for Trudy infiltrating the control system of the pirate ships and turning their attacks on themselves, thereby crippling them critically, taking down the pirates would have caused even Clover to exert a lot of effort. After all, clover was currently not in his peak condition and his spaceship was also badly damaged. If he didn't use some tricks to win, he might have suffered a few losses himself.

It was definitely not wise to underestimate the forces that could be found in the universe... to be able to survive despite only being a small pirate gang with only three ships to their name. The Turk pirates naturally had their own capabilities. It was only their bad luck to run into someo

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