Vicious pirate's And The Figure Outside The Window

Clover was looking forward to personally fighting the Turk pirates, and he was very fired up but in the lead pirate ship, Boot was furious and he had a gloomy expression on his face.

Watching the chaos and panic that spread through his crewmates, boot fumed and his nostrils flared up in anger as he breathed loudly. His eyes were bloodshot and red with madness... he was very close to losing his temper.

Boot was a typical hot-blooded Vogul who found it hard to control his temper...

He was already doing his very best to keep his temper contained and not blow a fuse, but when a member of his crew suddenly came to boot and started reporting in a panic, boot found it even more difficult to keep calm.

Perhaps because of his panic, that crewmember did not notice boot's unusual state. He simply ran over to him and started complaining as soon as he arrived.

"Boss, what do we do? The ship has sustained a lot of damage and the thrusters are out of commission.

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