Chapter 415: Geronimo Tells Oliver About Lauren
Geronimo shook his head and said, "Leave her, no one is going to do anything. I'm going to call Mr. Storm here; we'll know if she really has the ability to stand a chance in front of him."

Hearing Oliver's name mentioned, Sophia smiled lightly and nodded. "For people like Lauren, a finger of Oliver is enough to kill them."

Lauren smiled too and said, "Oh, so he's called Storm, right? Call him here, let's see the kind of Storm he is.”

Sophia sat down, running a finger around Lauren's cheeks, and said, "Even the Storm can't calm him down when he storms. He's the one ruling this city anonymously."

"Bring him here then," Lauren said with a grin.

Geronimo looked at Sophia and instructed, "Bring her the best food and fruits to eat, and give her energy. Untie her and just lock her here while she waits for Mr. Storm to come."

Sophia nodded, and Geronimo walked out. Once he got out, he pulled out his phone and made a call to Oliver.

"Just a few rings and the call was connected. 'Good morning, M
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