Inferno Quest: Kai’s Awakening

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Inferno Quest: Kai’s Awakening

By: Lilian OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"What the... why does everything look so different? And why do I feel taller? Ryu, do you see this interface? Is this some sort of glitch or something?" - "I don’t think this’ a glitch, dude. We're in the game, like, for real! Look at us, I'm a knight now, and you're a wizard. This is insane!" In a world shaped by the neon-lit magic of a mysterious MMORPG, Kai and Ryu, two disillusioned gamers, find themselves thrust into a reality where the virtual becomes tangible. Transformed into their in-game avatars—a wizard and a knight, respectively—they navigate this enchanting yet treacherous realm.

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Chapter 1
Author's Note:Greetings, dear readers!Before we dive into the chapters that await, consider this a backstage pass, a glimpse into the lore of our protagonist, Kai. In this narrative, we unravel the layers of his life—the comic loser, the virtual wizard, and the underachiever thrust into extraordinary circumstances.Feel free to treat this chapter as a prologue, a backstage tour into the making of our hero. If you're itching for the heart-pounding action and the unfolding saga, fret not. You can leap ahead to Chapter 2, where the real adventure unfurls.***Kai's life unfolded in the sad rhythms of reality, each day a reminder of his status as an average loser. At 24, he found himself in the unglamorous category of unemployed, single, and perpetually dwelling in his parents' basement. A victim of circumstances and his own lack of motivation, Kai's existence was defined by the dull hum of computer fans and the glow of multiple screens that surrounded him.His resume, a poor collection
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Chapter 2
Kai lounged in his dimly lit room, surrounded by the depressing glow of multiple screens. Kai, the average shut-in anime dweeb barely had a life in the outside world; his existence primarily revolved around video games. His life, an unremarkable loop of L’s, offered little beyond the digital adventures he sought."Another day, another dive into 'Titans MMORPG'," he muttered. “RING - RING - RING”"Yo Ryu what’s good man?. I just got reminded I literally got no motion, no love life, no jawline. just another day spiraling into the abyss. You up for some 'Titans MMORPG' to escape reality?"“Yooo man, would it kill you to be positive once in awhile, geez!, this real world is like the tutorial level, and we've mastered it. Now, let's conquer this new game world and leave our mundane troubles in the dust! Real life can't even respawn; it's a total noob!"Ryu added with a cheeky grin, "Who knows, maybe we'll find a cheat code for a girlfriend in this game. Level up our love lives, right?"As
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Chapter 3
With a whispered incantation, Kai unleashed a bolt of flame, hitting the eye with pinpoint accuracy. Yet, the element of surprise faded, revealing an enraged ogre. Ryu valiantly defended against the initial assault but was sent crashing into a wall.[Ding! Mana consumed: 15—Current Mana: 85/100]Yet, the element of surprise faded, revealing an enraged ogre. Ryu valiantly defended against the initial assault using his knight shield but was sent crashing into a wall.Simultaneously, the castle's entrance doors opened to the goblin horde, flooding the chamber. Amidst the chaos, a spear grazed Kai, narrowly avoiding a severe wound.[Ding! Health reduced: 10—Current Health: 70/80]The ogre's thunderous roar echoed, signaling a tumultuous battle against overwhelming both ogre and goblin. Kai and Ryu summoned all their strength and wits to survive.Dashing through the closet door, Kai forcefully sealed the door behind them. Goblin cheers transformed into terrified screams, drowned out by an
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Chapter 4
Exploring the murky halls with caution, Kai and Ryu sought an escape route and perhaps more. It didn't take long before they stumbled upon a slightly ajar door, revealing a cloaked figure within.Kai observed through the partially opened door, studying the frantic movements of a cloaked man. Runes adorned his muscled frame, one resembling the Titan symbol, the god of the undead, flooding Kai's mind with memories from a recent game event. The room's interior confirmed the grim atmosphere, a new stone symbol of Lothar etched into the wall, surrounded by simple beds and blood-red curtains.The priest's hushed mutterings reached Kai's ears, speaking of a sacrifice to appease the malevolent Titan god. Mentions of a 'mistress' and impending 'danger' raised a chilling fear. The priest's dialogue with shadows and ghosts added to the haunting atmosphere.As the priest approached the cracked doorway, Kai swiftly retreated, waiting in the shadows alongside Ryu. With a nod, they burst into the ro
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Chapter 5
The air crackled with malevolence as the bowl atop the altar trembled, unleashing billows of smoke that coalesced into the form of a horned fiend. The demon's eyes glowed with pitiless malice as it surveyed the chamber, and a sinister grin spread across its dark, twisted visage."FINALLY!, after an eternity of imprisonment, I am free!" the demon bellowed, its voice echoing with a haunting resonance. It cast a disdainful gaze upon Kai and Ryu, who stood defiantly before the altar.Kai, spurred by a surge of determination, activated his Analytical Insight skill, hoping to glean information about the formidable foe before them.[System Notification]Ding! Analytical Insight Activated[System Analysis]Demon of the AbyssLevel: ???Health: ∞Mana: ∞Strengths: Immunity to Fire, Dark Magic MasteryWeakness: UndisclosedKai's eyes widened as he processed the overwhelming stats displayed by the system. The demon's power seemed boundless, leaving them at a stark disadvantage.Undeterred, Kai
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Chapter 6
Kai and Ryu found themselves embracing the art of surprise, knowing it was their golden ticket to success. Striking at the point where the unicorn was being transported might offer them the chance to liberate the creature before the enemy caught on."A wild plan. Be quick on your feet, and your blade sharper than ever to free that unicorn before they hit us with their death magic," Kai advised.The trio ventured deeper into the forest, far from the trail, navigating fallen logs and thick brush. The priests had it easy on a dirt trail, making the adventurers' journey more like an obstacle course.As they took their covert positions in the forest, fatigue weighed them down. Kai was the one to initiate the attack with a burst of flame, followed by Ryu springing forth with his sword to cover him as he freed the unicorn. Elena stayed perched in a tree, serving as their eyes from above.Voices reached their ears as the priests approached. The adventurers hadn't fully comprehended the enemy'
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Chapter 7
Ryu glanced at Kai, a silent understanding passing between them. With a sudden burst of energy, they let go of Elena's wrists and whirled around to face the unsuspecting priests. The forest echoed with the draw of swords, and the air crackled with anticipation.[System Notification][Ding! Battle Initiated: Titan Priests][Ding! Fireburst Technique Unleashed]Kai's eyes gleamed with determination as he initiated the Fireburst Technique. Fingertips ablaze, he conjured a dazzling fan of flames that surged toward the enemies, enveloping a half dozen in a fiery dance.[System Notification][Ding! Enemies Engulfed: Burn Damage Over Time]The agonizing cries of those caught in the inferno echoed through the battleground. Seizing the opportunity, Ryu, his sword gleaming with anticipation, unsheathed his blade and charged into the chaos.[System Activation][Ding! Sword Mastery: Swift Assault]With the Sword Mastery technique activated,Ryu moved with unparalleled speed, slicing through the di
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Chapter 8
Kai dashed into the woods, fixating on a fallen priest near a log. Lifeless eyes stared at spilling blood, and blood symbols adorned stones nearby.Beside the priest, the Lady knelt, frantically searching his pockets. "Where is it!?" she shouted, delivering a sharp slap."What are you looking for?" Kai asked, stepping closer. Surprise filled her expression, replaced by a smile. "Thank the stars, you saved me from my cursed father and his minions! Call me Annalise," she exclaimed."Saved you from them? You're with Lothar, right?" Kai inquired. Approaching pretty ladies had been a fantasy countless times, but he never expected his first words to be these."No! No, I was but a slave to my father," she said, her face contorting in rage. Smiling down at the mangled corpse, she added, "Now he's gone, and I am free. But we mustn't waste time! Dreath, a monster from another world, lurks nearby." She pointed at a Titan Language blood symbol on a nearby rock.Kai glimpsed Ryu chasing and hackin
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