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By: Okorie Kenna OngoingFantasy

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Power is always associated with trouble. Sometimes it is great enough to save us from trouble, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it is so great that trouble can't get close and sometimes its greatness is the reason why trouble comes. Sometimes it's not about how you use it, sometimes it's about the power itself. The mere existence of a certain power could stir up fear, awe, hatred and envy depending on who percieved it and how they do. join me in this multi generational tale as we explore the lives of the different lords of chaos. Let’s walk with them in their trials and let their story touch our hearts.

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It all leads to Shin
"Oh not the face" Shiro thought to himself as he was sent flying through the museum's front door. The impact of his back hitting the street floor was enough to get a yell out of him and make him roll around in pain. After rolling, he laid there for a few seconds before getting back up to reassess the situation he was in. He had already sustained significant damage and his vision was already blurred. "But I was hit only once" he said to himself in an unsure tone as he staggered to remain on his feet. He could barely move, no one else was around and he could see the armored man walking down the steps of the museum. As Shiro watched, the armored man walked down the steps and stopped, then he began to stare at Shiro. After few minutes of awkward silence and observation, the armored man finally spoke "are you Shin?" he asked, with a lot of seriousness in his reverberating voice. Normally, Shiro would deny and say that he wasn't the one the armored man was looking for, but Victor said he
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beautiful memory
After a speedy cleanup, Dave was finally ready with breakfast. He set the plates and made sure everything was in perfect condition then looked at the well arranged dining table and said to himself "it's still futile " then he walked over to the stairs yelled "Shiro, breakfast is ready"After that, Dave could see his son running down with lightning under his feet and instantly finishing his breakfast while standing."I don't remember being like this when I was your age" Dave said with a disturbed look on his face."You actually don't remember anything " Shiro replied as he hung his bag and took of to school."He's just like his mother" Dave said to himself as he shook his head and smiled. "Wait a sec" Dave said to himself in a surprised tone "just like his mother, just like his mother, just like his mother," he said repeatedly in agony and pain.Dave kept writhing in pain as images he couldn't see clearly flashed in his mind. The pain was great but he tr
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With a little bit of hesitation, Orie peeped into his classroom, then slowly walked in. As he walked towards the teacher's table, no one rose to greet him; not even Victor, his most/only respectful student. As Orie sat down and looked at the impatient faces of his students, he felt apologetic even though it wasn't his fault that they had been left behind. Neither him nor his students were new to the kind of situation they were currently in, his class was the most unfavoured in the entire school, and he could believe it was his fault. In "Fubuki island", the non-royals were considered people to stepped on and kicked around. Orie wasn't just a non-royal, he was a foreigner from a different country and There was no way for him to hide the obvious fact that was written all over body. His dark skin and his short curly hair gave him away. Orie's greatest challenge was his job, teaching in the most elite school at a very young age of twenty-five. His colleagues looked down on him, and he
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The lost arm
"Shiro...Shiro...Shiro" Orie yelled into his device, but there was no outcome, he had been repeatedly doing this for the past few minutes, he even tried teleporting, but he didn't seem to have enough mana left go that far. Many others were less concerned and had already gone home, and Orie had finally made peace with the fact that his magic would not be able to save his students. He reached into right pocket and brought out his phone, then he made a call that was answered almost immediately "Hello" a female voice answered from the other side, then Orie replied "Hello, principal Rin, I need a ride" then he cut the call and looked back at Natsumi who was sticking to his side. Back in the "Shin sekai Tech house", shiro and his friends stood amidst an uncountable number canines. The wolves formed a circle around them and were closing in slowly, in a coordinated manner. Their growling and howling was beginning tick Shiro off, a he couldn't handle it any longer but he was waiting for Vict
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White and white
As he proceeded to stab his target, his hand just passed through like there was nothing there. The shock on his face was priceless. He was really sure that the person he was sent to kill wasn't untouchable, so why?, was it some skill, illusion, or was his own mind playing tricks on him?. He watched as the person in front of him turned and yelled in a tone that showed no signs of surprise "Shirooo!!, someone's hear to assassinate you" then turned and said to him "wait outside, he'll be out in a minute". Still a bit confused, the man took a few steps back as instructed and waited for what would happen next. His plan was foiled, but curiosity kept him on the job Very little time passed before he finally began to see two of the same person, the one that was just arriving also looked unsurprised, and to make things more awkward, he was smiling. "Nice to meet you, my name is Shiro, Shiro Anderson. What's yours" He was shocked at how one could be polite to a man that just tried to kill him
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Kuro no eiyuu
After an unusual morning routine that included preparing work materials and staring at a picture of someone only he seemed to know, Orie was set to leave. He grabbed his overcoat and scarf, and put them on, then he contemplated before putting on his hand gloves. "I still can't get used to this cold" he said as he adjusted his scarf and straightened his coat. As he walked and opened his front door, he stood in front of his apartment, and put down his head with his eyes closed, and began to speak in a prayerly manner "Dear father, guide me Great Zik, watch over me Umunna'm(my brothers), have faith in me Ndi'ichë(my elders),bless me Amadioha, protect me And great Anyanwu, Show me the way. " Then he took a deep breath and shrugged, as he turned and made his way to work. Meanwhile, Shiro was still looking at himself in the mirror, checking how the clothes he was wearing looked on him. It was his first time wearing someone else's clothes, and he was still adjusting to it.
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Right here, right now
And it came to pass, just as Dave had predicted, that as Orie walked back into the gym hall, the students were asked to leave, and he was ushered up onto the stage. "Let the questioning begin" Orie said to himself, as he smiled and rested his hands on the platform in front of him. Leading the questionnaire was non other than the kind of teacher who knows how to formulate difficult questions, the head of the mathematics department, mr. Fuji Waramaki "How were you able to perform such an incredible spell " Waramaki asked with all seriousness on his face. "I did it because I was able to " Orie replied almost immediately. "But according to your file, your maximum energy level is below how?" Waramaki asked again, as he worked through paper on the table that looked like ones judges use in talent shows. "Like I said, I did it because I was able to" Orie replied, sticking to his answer. "That explains nothing " a voice yelled from behind "You did somet
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Out of rhythm
He stood unready With his knees weak His arms were heavy There was blood all over his clothes already But he still had the energy to throw a punch a barrage of them maybe just a bunch but something wasn't right it was just a hunch He could evade properly In a weak state, but when he was strong, his reflexes came a bit late There was no logical answer for him to intake and the more he thought of it the more he couldn't think straight Well leave that aside and throw a bolt of lightning about a thousand volts to your opponent and give him a jolt, and make him hop around like a little colt that's how things were supposed to have gone but Shiro tried and couldn't get it done the armored man threw it back, and it dawned on Shiro that a real fight was on. Very soon after there was no sign of laughter, just the sound of clash and clatter, and a one sided fight was the matter but Shiro wasn't waiting to receive batte
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The face of death
There is a saying "he that greets danger with a smile must be ready to greet death same way" and there's also a probability that someone already said it even though I formulated it in my head "Was there a smile on my face when I died?" Shiro said to himself, as the quote repeatedly ran through his mind. "By the way"he thought "where am I? " he asked as he looked around the dark empty void he was in. The only thing he could see was himself "Is this the afterlife? " he asked "Feels pretty lonely to me " "No, that's the road to the afterlife " a voice answered from a direction Shiro couldn't make out. "I don't see any...." Shiro replied before realizing "Wait, who's there " he asked, feeling a bit confused. "So you can't see it " the same voice came again, this time from behind Shiro. Shiro turned to see a man with blonde hair, dressed in casual clothes as if he was on vacation. "Are you dead too" Shiro asked trying to understand the situation. Then the man laugh
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Racing heart
"Dear Shiro, If you are reading this, it means you've been through enough hell for me to remember to give you this book. It also means that things may get worse very soon so be carefull. There are many things I would like to talk to you about but there isn't enough time so I'll just say the most important things. I know that by now you're curious about your mother and you probably already hate me for not remembering her so I'm apologizing even though I know that by now I've done it many times without you listening. Your mother's name is Ritsu. she is beautiful, lovely, a bit rugged and a whole lot stronger than I am. I have a hand drawn picture of her inside this book but that's all I've got so don't lose it. if you want to know more about her go to 'Hidemoto Yami' or Rin or maybe Orie but but don't hate them for not telling you the truth. And if you go to Yami's, be ready to dodge some bullets, I kinda got into big trouble here. This book contains information about every skill I
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