Jace the centibillion heir

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Jace the centibillion heir

By: A J styles CompletedUrban/Realistic

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"You cannot be married to this poor, low-key dude, he doesn't have what it takes to take care of you" "Mom, but I love him." "What love are you talking about? Do you even know how to love? ****** Meet Jace Winston, the live-in son-in-law of one of the famous families in Madrid. Despised by his in-laws because of his poor background. What happens when he becomes a centibillionaire and rises to power? "Jace, don't leave my daughter please." His mother-in-law implored.

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  • A J styles


    Hello readers, please kindly removed the book from your library as I am editing the chapters. Love you all.

    2023-09-01 00:11:48
  • Tephanie Davie-Waters


    I love the book so far. The chapters are a little high but the book is good. I can’t wait the the other show to drop and Amelia and her family get the surprise of their lives.

    2023-07-18 01:26:00
  • A J styles


    Hello readers, while updating the last chapters, I mistakenly updated chapter 69 on chapter 73. Please bear with me🫣...

    2023-07-02 01:42:10
  • Jorge Silvestre Pastolero


    nice story to finished reading it

    2023-06-22 20:13:48
  • Alfie Bolido


    caryyyhhhbvc serfccghhji

    2023-09-08 22:05:31
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178 chapters
Chapter 1
The morning lights reflected across the glass windows, jerking Jace Winston fromhis slumber. It was 7 am, and he was still slouched on the L sofa chair. His overdosing was associated with him coming back home late last night.He left the house yesterday as early as possible to go search for a job. Unfortunately, he found none. No company seems to be hiring. He desperatelycame back and dozed.His gaze shifted to the royal king bed where his wife usually lay. There was no one in bed, just a note laid on it, "Make sure you arrange my bed." It was written by Amelia Bradley; his wife.He quickly arranged the bed, took a bath, wore something, and ran downstairs. Maybe she was still down, he had intentions of asking her a favour. He wanted her to give him a lift since he had no money with him. In marriage, it was normal for a wife to give her husband a lift, but for him, it was considered a favour. That's because Amelia never wanted him close to her Chevrolet Camaro."Here comes my son-in
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Chapter 2
"Didn't I warn you to never repeat the word 'sorry' in front of me?" Mrs. Elizabeth barked in anger."Get out of my sight, return to the kitchen, and prepare lunch," She yelled at him.He quickly returned to the kitchen. Contemplating on what he could possibly cook which wasn't going to end his mother-in-law scolding him again. He asked the main maid, but she told him to prepare what he feels would be liked by the woman. Even the maids of the house were beginning to look down on him.Grilled Chicken, beans, fried rice, and mashed potatoes were served on the dining table; fully prepared by Jace.He went upstairs and informed Elizabeth Bradley. Two minutes later, she was down, ready to devour what her son-in-law prepared for lunch."Taste the food!" Mrs. Elizabeth instructed."Did you say something, mother?" Jace asked, to be sure that's what his mother-in-law really wanted from him."Are you deaf? Didn't you get me? Or did I speak with water in my mouth? I said you should taste my food
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Chapter 3
Did the caller take him for an idiot? He knew he was an orphan. How the hell would someone call and tell him it was about his father?"Young master, are you still there?" The person asked after noticing the sudden quietness."Yes, I am." Jace said coldly."Please let's meet and talk. I have a lot to tell you."After the person's explanation, just one thing came to Jace's head. The caller was surely a defrauder who tried to rip him off of his money. The funny thing was he didn't even have a penny with him. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't take anything from him.He decided to give a shot at the man's request. He told him where he was."Okay, young master. Let's meet at St Graven Hotel." The caller said."Did you just say S-St Graven Hotel?" Jace shivered just from hearing the location.St Graven Hotel was one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the city of Madrid. Apart from its beauty, it belonged to Mrs. Vanessa Morgan, his mother-in-law's friend. He wondered why in all th
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Chapter 4
After two hours of ride, they finally stopped in front of a gate. It was written "Winston" on the tall metallic slide gate. Apart from its elegance, Jace had never come across a tall and exquisite gate like this. The gate slide opened, revealing the interior of the house. Everything about the interior screamed wealth.Once the gate opened, two guards with guns approached their car, after a thorough check-up, the car was permitted to walk in. The car stopped in the middle of the courtyard. The driver stepped out and opened the door for them. While the car made its entry, Jace spotted a middle-aged man standing at the entrance of the doors to the house. He was surely in his 50s. He was putting on black pants, a white button-down shirt and had flip-flops on his legs. His hands were dug into his pants, observing the car as it made its entry."Young master, please walk out and follow me." Jace simply nodded his head and walked out of the car. They were now walking towards the man.Immedia
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Chapter 5
Jace was utterly confused by his father's words. Even though looking at his mansion, the cars around, and the good life his assistant seems to be living, it showed he was a big shot. But funny enough, there was no company with the name Winston. Which companies was his father referring to? He asked himself. Though he was poor he had notion of some things."Father, you mentioned I would inherit your properties. What properties are you referring to?" Jace questioned nervously."Oh, I see where you are driving too. I know you ask this because you know no company with the name written 'Winston' not so? But don't mind I'm going to clarify things for you.""When my wife, your mother passed away Twenty-four years ago, I decided to name all my properties after her name. She was called Dahlia Storm. So all my enterprises bare the name Storm." Damian declared."Do you mean Storm Jewelry and Accessories belong to you?" Jace questioned surprisingly."Oh that, that's one of the smallest firms I own
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Chapter 6
Everything seems to be happening so fast around Jace. He wondered if today was ever going to end."Before your arrival, I asked my maid to arrange a room for you. I asked her to pick the biggest room. You deserve the best." Damian said with a winning smile on his lips.The mansion was very beautiful so would anyone want to spend the night there.Jace turned looking at Damian's armoire which was made of gold. He woke up from his seat to take a close look at the armoire. This made Damian remember one of the important things he had to announce to him."Oops, son, I totally forgot to let you know about something.""Something, is there any problem?" Jace asked as he was scared."Oh no, on the contrary, it's something interesting." "When we discovered you were still alive and were on the edge of finding you. I decided to offer you a gift. A gift to apologize for all the years you spent out of the house. I bought Marchburry Group and Co Ltd and I had my assistant buy it under your name. You
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Chapter 7
All the members of the house had their eyes scotch to him, some were even making a mockery of him before Granny Modella could speak. Anytime she saw him she always poured insults at him."Good evening, everyone," Jace said nervously."What is good about the evening?" Elsy responded in the crowd."Elsy, watch the way you talk to him." Amelia tried protesting for her husband, which only ended with her mother glaring at her dangerously."My friend called me a while ago. You were reported standing in front of the St Graven hotel and begging from wealthy people. You even left with one of them, I guess you are from there." Granny Modella said, her face full of irritation."Oops, you've gone too far, you even beg in the streets!""His wife's company is a stack she no longer has money to feed her husband, he had to sort out another solution.""Adora, you were looking for a cleaner, have you gotten one? You can employ Jace here and have him stop begging, it would go a long way to remove the sh
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Chapter 8
"About the dinner issue, you are right. I will call him later and ask about his schedule. If he is free then we can grab something." Amelia said."What about the marriage proposal? Are you not going to give him a chance to prove his love to you?" Elizabeth took Amelia's hands in hers, her tom finger going through and fro on her backhand, "We want just the best for you. Daryl is the best you can have. You being married to him would take our family to greater heights." Mrs. Elizabeth said."Mom, I don't love Daryl. I only see him as a good friend, nothing more." Amelia said, trying to make her mom understand."What love are you talking about? How can you love someone who has no money? You don't even know how to love!" "Look at your surroundings, do you think I built this house with love? Look at the expensive cars, and the luxurious lifestyle we live, do you think love gave us all that? Your late grandfather was rich, your dad too was, why would your case be an exemption?" "Mom, you c
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Chapter 9
The security guard was lost, he couldn't pinpoint what his boss was talking about with a loose being."Alright, that's fine. Please follow me to my office." Mr. Torry declared gently. He shoved his hand to the direction of his office. Jace followed him till the security could no longer have a view of him.Just then, Elsy made her entry. While entering, she spotted someone in the back view entering Mr. Torry's office. The person wore the same clothes as Jace."Would that be Jace entering Mr. Torry's office? Nope, he isn't the one. He has no authority to walk into Mr. Torry's office like that." She thought. She was surprised when she saw a tattered fellow walking into the man's office. This lightened up a smile on her face as she thought her married status was going to save a spot for them."Mr. Jace Winston, I'm sorry for allowing your outfit to suspect you weren't the new master. Please would you put this at the back of your mind?" Mr. Torry asked. When he received the call a while ag
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Chapter 10
In the evening after Amelia was done with her work. She entered her car and zoomed it off. Few minutes later, she was home and was surprised her granny had gathered the whole family and they were seated waiting for her.It was kind of strange to her because all her family members were business owners who went to bed before 9 pm because of the heavy workload they had. It was 11 pm and they were still very much awake. The funniest thing was they hadn't even taken dinner. What was going on? She asked herself."The most beautiful and the most broke lady of the family is back. Can we now begin our meeting, granny?" Adora stated."What? Are you all waiting for me?" Amelia questioned nervously as her brows furrowed."We were waiting for you. I told you I have good news for you." Granny Modella let out. Her voice was low. This voice of hers was questionable as the place was full of whispers.Amelia knew her granny had something to tell her, but she had no idea it was urgent. She blinked her e
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