Chapter XI • Clemence  
Disclaimer: This chapter contains mature scenes. You have been warned.


Naturally, I am a calm and collected woman. Besides being utterly looked upon for being physically attractive and intelligent, these are a few of the traits I possess that aid me in a lot of situations as a noblewoman.

But at this moment, I’m being neither one of those.

“I think I’m in love with you, Yelena.”

As the words I've said sink into both me and the redheaded servant in front of me, I begin to stutter. Again.

“Ah—” I start, panic rising in me as the words pour out. “W-what I am saying is, mayhap it is too soon for me to claim that I am, in actuality, in love! With you! Y-yes, um…! I mean, we had only just met over a sennight ago and I am aware that you are a woman, as am I, and 'tis out of the ordinary that a woman claims to be in love with another woman and h-here I am having you suddenly confess— I mean me! Me, not you— I’m still unable to fully grasp my feelings at the moment and I am
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