Chapter 18: Poisonous Fang

I was deep into sleep when the hot rays of the sun hit my face. I was leaning against a tree that I had made a makeshift bed. I saw my companions stretching their bodies waking up as well.

I didn't expect the sunrise to take us any further in this area. I thought the game would start yesterday when the Director suddenly let out a dark smoke that darkened the entire Center Wall.

"You're awake?" Clarice asked, just looking at me who was very drowsy.

"Yeah. Good morning!" I answered.

"It looks like the first game will start today," Ronnie said watching the Loowas around.

"Where's the Director? Why can't I feel him?" Vergel asked, already awake and feeling the surroundings.

"We may not see and feel him but I know he's around," Don said as he kicked at the weeds in front of him.

"It seems like Ruffa is too tired," said Darwin who had been looking at her.

"Hey Alvin, you're awake, aren't you? Why don't you get up?" Toffer sai

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