Chapter 25: Santello Desert

We all backed away and looked up to see the monster in front of us. He grew as tall as the giants. I could see his scary face made of hardened sand. Also noticeable were the grains of sand falling where we were.

Suddenly tentacles appeared on our side and quickly swarmed Janet, Darwin, Ronnie, Ciara, Ruffa, and Clarice who were now floating in the air.

The tentacles connected to the body of the sand giant gripped at them harshly.

"It's started!" Toffer shouted as he quickly released lightning to hit the sand giant. Its face was quickly crushed but it reformed quickly using sand.

Don Kenneth didn't have a strong wind to harden the whole body of the monster but after it froze, it was crushed for a while and its body was quickly rebuilt using the combined sand.

Lyka released her hot beam from her eyes which made it scream but the monster seemed to be just pretending.

My co-keepers, floating in the air, were trying their hardest to escape.

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