Chapter 26: The Impostors

"What will you do?" Ciara asked as she followed me.

"I'll rescue Fritzie," I seriously answered her.

"But how? We're locked up here?"

"I already thought of that," I said smiling.

I looked up as she looked up as well. She and the Loowas also noticed a tunnel through which they could escape.

"How's there a hole in the top?" she wondered.

"With it," I said while pointing my finger at my head. "We're going to save all the Loowas who are here with the help of the other Keepers. They're already waiting at the top," I said and walked to the locked door of the jail.

"What if they get caught?"

"That's what we're waiting for to happen. If they're caught running away, it'll give a distraction which will be our way to get Fritzie," I said and she nodded.

"But the Loowas can die because when that happens, the monsters will kill them," she said. But I had already thought of that possibility.

"I know. So you'll be here

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