Chapter 27: Impostors 2

"Zeke, are you okay?" Don asked as the two of them supported me to stand.

"I'm fine," I answered them. I didn't have time to talk to the two. I had to chase the Director.

"Where are you going?" Darwin's shout restrained me.

"I need to find Fritzie!" I said seriously.

"It's okay. Alvin has already saved her, look. She's with the other keepers," Don said and that surprised me.

"What?" I shouted, startled by the two.

"Oh, why are you so shocked?" Darwin asked, releasing his grip on my shoulder.

"This can't be!" I replied running to the others quickly.

I kept running in the thick smoke even though I didn't know where they were yet until someone suddenly stopped me. I felt her warm touch on my arm and stopped immediately.

"It's not yet the right time to let them know," said a familiar voice.

"Lyka?" I said and little by little I could see her face.

"Read what's on my mind and walk straight," she s

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