Chapter 29: Keepers Immunity Power

"Another door again?" Ronnie said, annoyed. I had been annoyed with the doors for a while and I knew all my fellow Keepers felt the same way.

We found several entrances to the four cities of Loowa's Kingdom --- the Gen-Train, Recrutis, Compenyo, and Adminer. Even the other places where our other fights took places, such as Center Wall and Amoras. But why couldn't we find the door that would take us to the Director's den?

"Maybe let's rest first. I'm getting tired too," said Janet who had been tailing Don before.

"That's right. Let's find a door first that will take us to a resting place," Vergel said as Toffer stopped.

"Are you crazy? Do you want to rest for life? The door of death is really what you want to find?" he cried and Vergel raised an eyebrow.

"Door of rest, not death! That would be different!" Vergel answered.

"Sorry." Toffer scratched his head.

"Look," Ruffa said, pointing at a silver door.

"Where do you thi

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