Chapter 39: Keepers Journey

"What is it, hurry up! We're the only ones who aren't there," Limwell said to his friends.

"This it is, oh. Wait for me!" Jerome shouted as he chased after his friend.

When he chased him, he put his arm around his friend and smiled.

"Zeke will be happy when he sees us in our graduation gowns," said Jerome who was adjusting his gown that was flying in the wind.

"That's for sure. The three of us dream to graduate and get our diploma!" Limwell replied as he gripped the stiff folder containing his diploma.

"I didn't expect us to graduate, we're just copying Zeke. Hahaha."

"It only means one thing, the diploma we hold is for him not for us," Limwell laughed too.

"There they are!" said Jerome and ran towards the Keepers.

"Sorry, we're late," said Limwell looking at the Keepers wearing their graduation gowns.

"No worries. We just got here too," Toffer replied, smiling at them.

"Any last words for the Dark Mind?" Darwin s

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