Chapter 10 : Chocolat Trick Always Works

Bin wasn't going to force Mina to forgive Jasmine, after all, she's still a child and somethings can be changed quickly or be stuck in her forever. If she doesn't want to forgive Jasmine then he can't make her do so even with a billion candy, especially if it's someone like his little sister who is usually stubborn.

"Come on, we have to go now or we'll be late, Mina."

Bin grabbed her hand and started walking, the little girl was still mocking Jasmine and sticking her tongue but once Bin talked she nodded and followed.

As for Jasmine, she felt depressed as a little girl made fun of her, her pride was quite high and being mocked like this doesn't occur every day, in fact, it never happened before.

Since she's pretty and kind to little children, they usually gather around her and play with her and start calling her big sister so what happened now seemed not right to her.

Jasmine always carried some kind of sweet on her, the expensive stuff of course. From a secret pocked in her dress, she took out a chocolate tablet. It was the white chocolate which cost at the very least 10,000 Won.

"Hey look, I got some chocolate that I don't need, I wonder who should I give it to?"

Jasmine waved the chocolate around and stopped the duo once again. Mina turned her head and looked at the chocolate, it's the first time she saw this kind of chocolate and to be honest, she only ate some once or twice a year. It may be too exaggerated but it really isn't easy for Bin to buy some. If it were some sweets it's alright but chocolate is a different thing.

It would be a lie to say she didn't want to eat it but Mina held back and snorted cutely and resumed walking. As for Bin, he just sighed and shook his head.

'Tch! The chocolate trick didn't work! How is that possible.'

This was Jasmine's golden trick and it never failed, even the most shy kids would fall for it. She would give them the chocolate and then demand a hug then she would give another expensive sweet and so it begins but this time, the kid just looked at the chocolate with some longing then completely ignored her existence.

Seeing that they are getting farther and farther, Jasmine finally reacted and said

"How about I give you a lift?"

Jasmine wouldn't give a lift to anyone obviously but she saw how dangerous this district so she felt a bit of pity toward Mina. She would rather make her not see such atrocities and crimes so she could only say that.

"No thank you, now could you stop bothering us? We're late."

Without stopping his steps, Bin replied instantly, it was a quick and decisive response. The reason he refused was not that he didn't want to, in fact, even he wanted to use a taxi or a car to take Mina to the kindergarten but the way Jasmine said that was haughty and didn't seem right.

Yes, it's the same feeling as being looked down or as if she was doing them a favor by saying that. And that, my friends, is something Bin loathes to the bones! He would rather die than accept an offer likes this when it's proposed in such way.

"You!!!! I'm offering to lift you with the last edition white limousine and you refuse? What parts of it isn't likable? Hmpf!"

Jasmine didn't bother with him any longer and returned toward the limousine after snorting. As for Bin and his sister, they just resumed their walk as if nothing happened.

"Nee, big brother, are you sure you're okay?"

Just after Jasmine walked away, blood leaked out of Bin's lips yet again, he was going to cough a full mouthful of blood but he forcefully held back and swallowed it, it tasted bitter and like... blood, it was seriously digusting and he felt like vomiting but he didn't.

He was feeling weak but fortunately, not to the point of falling unconscious or not being to walk. While holding his sister's small hand and nodding to reassure her he replied with a soft smile.

"It's nothing, let's hurry up or you'll be late."

Just as Bin said that a car sound resounded next to them and by the next second, a white limousine appeared next to them.

Jasmine was looking at them from inside the car. The car was going slowly, almost at the same pace as the two. Bin was annoyed so he stared at her and said

"What do you still want?"

Jasmine covered her mouth in surprise and said

"Oh, you're here too? I was just contemplating that building, It's beautiful so It caught my interest...."

'Beautiful? Caught your interest? My ass! You freaking clingy stalker. At least learn to lie better *sigh*'

The building she was referring to was a run-down two-floor building that was deserted since a few years. It would not hold more than a year before crumbling on its own and perhaps it'll go down earlier if a powerful storm surges in.

Bin shook his head and paid no more attention to her, as for Mina, she looked at him with worried eyes.

After 10 minutes of this scenario, Jasmine finally couldn't hold her act anymore and said

"Come on! I said I'll give you a lift, it's better than walking on feet to who knows where. When someone offers you kindness, you should be grateful and accept it."

If it was a usual day, he would be taken Mina peacefully to the kindergarten but Jasmine didn't seem to let go and continued to follow them so Bin snapped at her.

"I said no so stop bothering us! If you follow us one more second I'll stop being yo-"

Before he could finish, Mina nudged his sleeves and looked at him with puppy eyes. It was obvious she was worried about him and wanted to ride the car so he could rest a bit and he knew her attention just by her look but he found it degrading to accept Jasmine's offer, he simply wasn't willing to submit.

"Look, even you little sister wants to ride the car, she must be tired."

Jasmine's usually cold eyes looked at Mina whilst sparkling, she couldn't wait for the moment she hugs this cute little girl. Mina was not exceptionally pretty but that's to be expected since she's still five but she was cute, too cute in fact with two big and round eyes which were black and a long black hair that was smooth and not messy or dirty in any way.

Finally, after a long internal struggle, Bin couldn't help but accept her offer, he stared at her begrudgingly but still got into the limousine with Mina who was relieved to see him finally sit.

His face was a bit pale but since his skin was very pale, to begin with, only people who knew him with details like her would notice such changes.

'It's a fever, damn it!'

It was not a strong fever but it nonetheless was one, his body was weakening and he felt like coughing but he didn't.

Jasmine didn't pay him any attention as her eyes were fixated on Mina. When the little girl sat near her brother, she nodded to herself for some reason and checked the huge car and the luxurious things in it. She was deeply surprised when she saw the big TV hanging from the roof of the car and the very comfortable seats. There was even a small refrigerator, this car on its own was better than their entire home.

"Look, I still have some chocolate, take some."

Jasmine stuffed the chocolate into Mina's small hands before she could refuse. Bin just nodded to Mina telling her that she could accept it and stop resisting or this pest won't stop trying.

'This is an abomination.. a pain in the ass... my luck must be shit to have dropped the food plate on her.....'

No one would argue if you said Jasmine was a top class beauty, whether it's her hair, face or body, they were perfect. Even her background was grand but her personality was rotten and only him know her true form.

On the outside, she acts cold or indifferent, she's like an unreachable entity to some youths but for him, she's worse than the girl next door, literally.

Excitement rose inside Mina as she looked at the chocolate, there were 8 bars and she didn't want to eat them all at once. The cute girl cut the bars in half and handed 4 bars to Bin while saying.

"Big brother, have some, it's delicious."

Jasmine's mind jolted when she saw that, she gave the chocolate to Mina and didn't like the fact that half of it was going to be eaten by this man. She glared at him with dagger eyes but was met with lovely yet angry stare from Mina who yelled at her

"The chocolate is mine now! I can do with it whatever I want! Hmpf!"

After saying that, Mina stuffed 3 and a half bars into the original cover of the chocolate and started eating half a bar slowly to enjoy the full flavor.

As for Bin, he looked at Jasmine's warning eyes with an amused looks, it's like she was saying.

'Don't you dare eat them!'

Albeit her warnings, he took a small piece from the four bars and ate them while making loud noises with him mouth and enjoying it to the fullest.

"Hmmm, it's very delicious but Chocolat is not good for me, you should eat it instead of me, alright?"

Bin only took a small piece and gave the rest back to Mina but the little girl nodded and replied

"Alright, I'll keep them for you, whenever you want some, you have to tell me, ok big brother?"

Bin just nodded toward her and relaxed on the comfortable chair of the limousine, he was feeling tired so a small rest would help him greatly.

"Where is your kindergarten?"

Jasmine asked Mina as she got close to her little by little, it was obvious she wanted to stick close to her but Mina didn't let her as she stood up and went to sit on Bin's lap.

"E District"

Bin replied instead of Mina as his sister didn't know the name of the place and even if she knew, she would not have replied to Jasmine as she clearly disliked her.

"E district? Isn't that pretty far from here?"

"It is so that's why we left early but a CERTAIN SOMEONE kept bothering us."


Jasmine just snorted and picked a special phone linked to the limousine, she spoke a few words to the driver and then hang up.

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