Chapter 9 : Shut Your Mouth!

Since Jasmine slept quite early yesterday, she woke up at 5 AM, the first thing she said was to call for Bin for no apparent reason. She caused a huge ruckus and loud noises as she yelled around yet no one could do what she wants, with no choice but to go to pick him up, Jasmine dressed up and went to Bin's small house in the usual white limousine.

"Hmpf! I prepared a room for him yet he still dares to go back home."

Jasmine completely forgot about the fact that he told her he has to take care of his little sister, she didn't even bother to think how he got home, for her, these things didn't matter. She needed to teach him a lesson and make his life hell, but it's not like it's not already is hell due to his circumstances.

About 20 minutes later, the white limousine arrived at the rural district that Bin lives in. Dirty and crumbled buildings were everywhere. Some small and narrow alleys even have a foul stench of piss and other things that are better not mentioned.

Every corner you looked there is a homeless person sitting in it and waiting for some people to donate something. Obviously, Jasmine didn't give anything, she looked down on people who didn't even try and only wanted other people to give them something without even deserving them.

The girl was too energetic since she slept a lot and had a good meal before coming here but she felt uncomfortable after she saw how people lived here.

Very soon, the limousine parked near the familiar building that Bin lived in. Just as a tall bald man who wore a black tuxedo was going to call for Bin. The person in question came down by himself.

Bin just left his apartment with Mina, he was going to accompany her to the kindergarten and make sure she arrives safely. Unlike yesterday, he felt rather weak and sick but these reasons were not enough to make him let his sister go alone, especially when they are living in such a district.

It maybe a poor district, but robberies and rape occurred very often, police never came here and whoever gets robbed would not get revenge or justice he was wishing for.

Bin was no exception as was robbed more than one time but he couldn't a thing for them. It's not like he gave them the money without fighting, Bin fought until he was beaten half dead by them. He did hurt some of them but they were 5 or 4 and they never robbed alone so he couldn't block them all.

He didn't go to the hospital and only took a leave from his jobs for four days before returning. It was one of the worst days in his life.

The black window of the limousine was opened by half and Jasmine's pretty but cold face was shown from inside. She stared angrily at Bin and said

"What are you doing? You're supposed to be my servant for all the day!"

Bin didn't speak disrespectfully to her in the presence of the bodyguards, he just remained silent for a second before calmly replying to her.

"I told you I had to take a couple of hours in the morning and at night to take care of my sister."

Hearing him speak of a sister, Jasmine's gaze shifted to Mina who was next to Bin and holding his hands while looking her with anger and disdain.

Yes, the little girl looked at Jasmine disdain, she may be 5 years old but she still comprehended somethings and one of them are that rich people are bad. Even for a little kid like her, she recognized that Jasmine is rich just by the car she was riding and the presence of the bodyguards.

She never had a good impression of such people as everytime the landlord of the building she and her brother were living in would always be angry on Bin and snapped at him. Not only that, but young men who were a bit rich would even come here to find women to rape. The society was rotten to the core and nothing could make it change.

Jasmine knew she was at fault for forgetting about that matter but she was not going to apologize or let it go while crossing her arms and leaning on the comfortable couch of the limousine. She looked at Bin and retorted.

"Hmpf! So what? I'm your master so I decide when you can go. Going whenever you feel like it is disobeying your master's orders!"

Bin was not feeling like arguing with her as his head was aching and he felt fatigued, moreover, he had to take his sister to the kindergarten but he was surprised to see the usually quiet and obedient Mina shout at Jasmine.

"Who do you think you are to talk to big brother like that? I knew people like you are always bad people."

Mina didn't seem afraid of Jasmine as she yelled at her with anger, she didn't like any person who treated her brother badly and when she saw Jasmine talking to Bin like that, she couldn't help but speak up.

Jasmine did not particularly hate children, in fact, she liked cute little children, just like Mina but seeing that she was insulted in front of all the bodyguards and to top that off, it was a little girl, she became a bit irritated but she didn't dare do anything to a little girl, she was not that evil.

"You big brother is currently my servant, so that makes me your superior. Little girls should be obedient and listen to their elders, just now, you were not cute at all jus-"

Jasmine couldn't find words to retort harshly to Mina so she called her uncute but in reality, she thought Mina was too cute and wanted to get along with her, it's just that this let to that and the situation worsened and her sentence was interrupted by a sudden and angry outburst of Bin.

"Shut your mouth! Since it's my job, I agreed to be your servant but my sister has nothing to do with that. It's between me and you, if you dare talk harshly to her again, I'll make you regret it. Now I'm going to accompany my sister so I'll go to you later."

Bin is usually calm, even if he's humiliated or insulted but his only weakness is his little sister, even if someone spoke one ill word of her, he'll make that person regret it. It's fortunate for Jasmine that she's his current master and there are the bodyguards so he can't act, or else he would at least have slapped her. So what if he slapped a girl? She was far too arrogant and she needs someone to knock some sense into her.

"You!! Who do you think you're talking to? Apologize to the young Miss right now or we'll make you regret it."

The baldy from before walked to Bin and held him by the collar, he was prepared to suffocate the young man just because he spoke disrespectfully to Jasmine. It was personally ordered by her father that if someone made her unhappy, they had to make him regret it.

Despite being threatened by the bald man, Bin just looked coldly at Jasmine who was dumbstruck by his sudden angry words and the way he talked, she still couldn't react in time.

Usually, he would insult her or mock her but there was no hint of anger, some annoyance yes but no anger. However, this time, Bin was genuinely angry at her and she felt it by her words. To begin with, it's her fault and she stretched the matter too long and involved a little girl, even going to the point of speaking harshly to Mina.

"J,Jaccob! Let him go immediately!"

Jasmine ordered the bodyguard but the bald man still held into Bin, even Mina was scared and tried to push the bald man but he wouldn't budge.

"But young Miss."

"I said immediately!!!"

This time Jasmine raised her voice as she coldly glared at the bald man, with no choice but to obey her, the bald man glanced one final time at Bin before letting go and backing off a couple of steps. He regained his usual posture and stared angrily at the young man.

Bin patted his disheveled clothes and held Mina's small hands and turned around to leave with her without speaking a single word.

"W-wait! It's my fault alright?"

Seeing him totally ignore her and everything else and resume walking, Jasmine finally spoke up and admitted her fault. It was something she would never do but she knew that she exaggerated things too much, especially when she saw that Mina's eyes were a bit watery.

Bin stopped as he heard Jasmine but Mina grabbed his hand and dragged him forcefully while saying

"Big brother, ignore her! Those people are bad, you should not talk to them."

Then she continued dragging him away from the white limousine while sometimes glaring at Jasmine and especially the baldy.

Receiving the angry but somewhat cute glares of Mina, the bald man rubbed the back of his bald head and showed an apologetic look to her, he was only doing his job and seeing that Bin was quite young and he had his little sister with him, he came back to his senses and felt a bit of regret about acting rashly and aggressively.

Jasmine opened the limousine's door and walked toward Bin while repeatedly saying

"I said wait! It's an order from your master. I said it's my fault for earlier didn't I."

Despite hearing her, Bin ignored her and walked with Mina. When Jasmine was close enough, he kept an expressionless face and retorted to Jasmine

"In such situation, you don't admit your faults but apologize."

"Haaa? Why should I apologize?"

Jasmine didn't like the fact that she had to apologize and was never going to do it but these thoughts soon vanished when she saw little Mina next to Bin glare at her angrily and sticking her tongue toward her mockingly.

"A-alright.... I,I'm s..ssss-sorry.'

'So she could it after all?'

Bin tilted his head and said

"I didn't hear a thing, can't you be clearer? Did the cat get your tongue or what? Usually, your voice is so loud."

With face red from anger and embarrassment, Jasmine clenched her fists and spoke again.

"I, I'm sorry."

Bin was angry at her previously, and still had a pretty bad impression of her but since someone as arrogant as she stepped out and apologized, he was willing to let the matter ago albeit the fact that she harshly spoke to Mina.

"You know how to apologize after all. The matter is now done."

Bin said that and continued walking far away from Jasmine, as for Mina, she pouted and spoke with annoyance.

"Big brother, don't fall for her tricks! She's a bad person. That baldy too!"

As she said that, she pointed at the bald man and Jasmine and she seemed to still be angry and unforgiving. Bin patted her small head and softly smiled whilst explaining

"She apologized just now didn't she? How about you forgive her for big brother's sake?"

"No no nonononononono!"

Mina shook her head repeatedly and continued to stick her tongue to Jasmine.

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