Chapter 354 : Secret Lover

The second day of treatment and examination was just as boring and the first one, if not more. Bin had to lay on bed for no less than ten hours, and watch as Head Scientist Emilia and Chan Wu cut some of his body, closely inspecting his still-crystallized blood vessels. The gaping hole in his chest was patched up, more or less, with the use of solid silver, making it look less frightening and more pleasant. 

The conversation Rika and Bin had at dawn was kept a secret between the two of them, however, the former did tell her friends that Bin finally relented and agreed to compromise, even by a little bit.

When he had stopped being so defensive and a ‘jerky’ as Rika said, Bin already anticipated that he’ll constantly get annoyed by the three of them, especially Jasmine Lemore, his former employer. 

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