Chapter 450 : The Tower of Magic (2)

The Tower of Magic was adjacent to the Tower of History; It took the shape of an inclined golden spire, over six hundred meters in height and thirty meters in width, making it the third largest structure in the City of Scholars.

Equipped with the shallow mask provided by Tanna, Bin swiftly made his way to the tower, but he did not rely on stealth like his previous endeavour in one of the smaller golden towers.

The anti-magic armor set they needed to complete the Blade of Light was stored in the Tower of Magic, and trying to sneak in by imitating the Mana Frequency will not only be a waste of time but also pointless. After all, the tower was heavily guarded from all sides, by automated defensive golems and several hired magic-users.

The fastest and most effective approach is a direct confr

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