Chapter 451 : The Tower of Magic (3)

Jasbin recognized Bin almost immediately, but he did not say it outloud. It was the same for his three companions. However, the rest of the magic-users considered Bin as a hostile invader and sprung into action the second the wall of sand was destroyed.

Amongst the dozens of magic-users, two in particular were eye-catching and clearly strong. They shot toward Bin with an impressive speed, one swept a strangely curved spear while the other, a tall blue-haired woman, cast Ice Magic, causing the ground to freeze and numerous Ice Arrow to fly at the target.

Bin backed away toward the now-open room while blocking the arrows with small and floaty masses of golden sand. The spear-using man reached him quite fast, his spear unleashing devastating blasts.

In retaliation, Bin made gre

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