Chapter 452 : The Blade of Light (1)

High Scholar Sander Zadar had barged into Elmina’s office and started throwing a furious tantrum. Just a couple of hours ago, a masked individual had broken into the Tower of Magic and stole his finest product while it was under the surveillance of multiple advanced golems and magic-users.

“Why are you not sending people after him? This is ridiculous!”

The elderly long-bearded High Scholar banged his shaking fist on the table, but that didn’t even make Elmina flinch. She coldly stared back at him and patiently waited till he calmed down.

“Sander, we have sent our best people after him. We can only wait and hope for the best.”

“What do you mean ‘hope for the best’?! How can he even break into the Tower in the


End of volume 4 act 1 : The Unknown Traveler Volume 4 : Amidst the Fires of Hell Act 2 : Seeking a World's Salvation

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