Chapter 6 : Kitchen

The mansion was just too big to search every corner of it. The only thing Bin could do was pick a direction and just head towards it and wish to find the kitchen there, or at least a place to get the dinner from.

'To begin with, didn't one of her parents tell her to come down to dine with them? Unresponsible brat... can't believe she's my master.'

The wide hall was illuminated by several lights and he even spotted more than two chandeliers that were as big as a cow. Every second he contemplated the luxurious furniture, Bin felt pain in his heart as the world was really too unfair.

Whilst people spend millions of dollars to buy a carpet or a single painting, just ten percent of that amount could allow countless people to live for years or at least survive for some time.

Rich people would bathe in money bills yet poor people would work a whole day for not even a quarter of one money bill, it's pathetic yet sad. For someone like him, who experienced poverty since he was young, he knew how much difference he was to Jasmine.

She was spoiled since young, although she usually kept a cold attitude outside, in reality, she was still a bit childish and spoiled, she grew up in a wealthy family so her spending so much money is normal yet how come he can't stop blaming her for wasting so much money?

It's not her fault yet at the same time it is, she is used to wasting money but she can stop doing that, she can learn to save and use it with wisdom and not just randomly buying anything that it'll only be used for a day or even less.

Yes, he blamed her for not trying and not for wasting money, as his master, he'll serve her but he never thought of respecting her, this and that were different things and for him, only people he deemed worthy will be respected by him.

After walking for two or three minutes, the wide hall was divided into two so Bin chose the left side and kept walking. After walking for a bit more, he was met with a big room, no, more precisely, it was a huge kitchen.

Servants were running here and there to get the food ready and there were two chefs making the main dishes. Bin stood at the entrance of the kitchen and stared with wide eyes. The aroma and the sight of the dishes made his stomach growl a bit as he didn't eat much today.

As he was imagining himself gulping the whole food, a person came in front of him. It was actually a maid, she wore a maid-costume like the other ones but this one was a bit special as it seemed to be properly made and more luxurious. She had silky black hair which was up-do in a beautiful manner. She didn't look particularly beautiful but she emitted the mature woman vibe despite. Her face was expressionless and she seemed to be the cold type and hard to approach, just like Bin's master.

The maid looked at Bin and bowed for a bit whilst saying

"You must be Miss Jasmine's new servant. My name is Hyue and I'm the main maid in here, I'm in charge of all the labor."

Compared to Jasmine, Hyue was older and not as pretty but Bin finds her to his liking. He never dated a person but he liked many girls, it's a shame that he was too busy with work and had no time to deal with a girl.

It was not loved at first sight nor was it romantic but he found himself attracted to this maid for some reason, he wanted to get along with her as she resembled the caretaker that took care of him when he was young.  Maybe it was her appearance or the atmosphere around her. What made him happier is that he's a servant of Jasmine and she's a maid here so if nothing went wrong then they'll see each other often.

"A-ah Hello, I'm Bin."

"So it is Mr. Bin."

Although she's the head maid in here and was older, Hyue still kept a very respectful attitude toward him which was normal since she's a maid and that's one of the customs but Bin didn't like it. They were fellow-comrades in work and it's a bit off to each other Mrs and Mr.

"No need to call me Mr, just Bin is fine. Also, nice to meet you, Miss Hyue."

Bin sudden and direct talking made the expressionless Hyue frown for a split second but that was quickly recovered. She nodded toward him and replied

"Then Bin, what brings you to the kitchen?"

Bin was still thinking about what to say to talk as he was bored and not in the mood to go to Jasmine but he was quickly reminded of the reason he came here by Hyue so he had no choice but to do that.

"Well, it seems that Jas-- *cough* Master wants me to bring her the dinner."

Hyue nodded to Bin and went preparing the dinner to take to Jasmine, she was usually the one who took care of Jasmine's meals and knew that Bin would only remain for a day or a couple of days at best so it's futile to get to know him. His approach took her by surprise but after years of experience, she managed to maintain her calm.

Bin followed after her and looked at all the dishes that were put on the plates, there were at least five dishes he saw for the first time.

Bin was also starving but he found it embarrassing to demand some food so he kept silent and merely waited near the plates for Hyue to finish bringing all of them.

After more or less five minutes, there was a table full of plates, it was the special kind of tables which could be moved anywhere so Bin just thanked Hyue and pushed the table toward Jasmine's room.

What's surprising is that Hyue followed after him for some reason so he decided to grasp this opportunity to talk about some things.

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