Chapter 7-8 : Sleepy Master

Although it's a bit awkward to call his superior and someone older than him by her name, Bin didn't mind and directly called her that.

"So Hyue, does master has always been such a spoiled and annoying child?"

This time, Hyue really didn't expect such a question, she couldn't help but stop walking and stare at Bin with complex feelings. She was astonished that he asked such a question and was so straight about it, he even kind of insulted the Miss.

"Miss is a calm and hard-working person."

She didn't say much but you could see she respected Jasmine but Bin didn't know the reason, all he saw in Jasmine was childish behavior and an annoying mouth, not even a single quality beside her body and beauty but beauty with no brains whatsoever is nothing.

"Pfft! Hard-working, calm? I find that hard to believe, are you sure we're talking about the same person?"

"Obviously, it's Miss Jasmine. She's the only daughter of master."


Bin was confused on who that master was but after some thinking, it could only be Jasmine's father and the head of this mansion. He looked quite domineering, he would prefer not to encounter him much.

After only exchanging those few sentences, Bin couldn't find something to talk about with her beside Jasmine so he remained silent and pushed the cart to her room.

Soon, the two of them arrived in front of her room's door which was very good and has some golden lines too. If it's real gold then Bin would really think this family is too wasteful, even if he had that much money, he wouldn't exaggerate this much, it's becoming disgusting rather than luxurious.

The cold Hyue opened the door and Bin followed right after. Surprisingly, the room was dark and somehow, Bin managed to see Jasmine laying on her large bed, sleeping soundlessly.

It was too early to sleep, even for some like her but maybe many things occurred today or perhaps she's angry due to the game, she fell asleep without realizing it

"It seems Miss Jasmine fell asleep, I'll bring the cart back and when she awakes."

Hyue held the cart and was going to push it out of the room but was suddenly stopped by Bin. He didn't like the fact that he and Hyue went all the way from the kitchen to bring her dinner but just because she's asleep they have to push it back. It's their job but it's still annoying, perhaps because he wasn't accustomed to being a butler or a servant, he didn't know the rules but it's not like he's going to follow them blindly.

"Why bother? I'll wake her up."

Hearing this, Hyue wanted to stop him but it was too late as Bin dashed next to Jasmine and shook her body violently.

'She sure sleeps like a freaking log, not awake even after this?'

Bin kept shaking her body non-stop and said loudly


At this point, he was shouting and not talking, fortunately, his trick worked and Jasmine hastily woke up in shock but after a couple of seconds, her eyes started closing on their own and she looked half-asleep.

"This should be enough."

Bin didn't bother with Jasmine and put the plates in front of her. The half-asleep Jasmine began eating slowly but at least she was eating.

Hyue was surprised as she didn't expect this to happen. To begin with, she never tried waking up Jasmine when she found her like this so it's the first time she saw her half-asleep. It was quite funny and embarrassing for the miss but it's not like Bin cared.

"En-nn you think I'll let you off...."

Jasmine kept mumbling incomprehensible things as she was eating but Bin just replied casually and just wanted her to finish faster.

"Yeah yeah whatever, just hurry up."

whilst standing at the back, Hyue was truly stunned. All the servant that Jasmine chose treated her with respect and albeit that, they didn't last a week, they admired her beauty and tried winning her heart but this one not only insulted her early, but he also treated her like an annoyance rather than a master.

Obviously, she would never treat Jasmine like this but see Bin treating her like this was not something she wanted, she had to stop him so she coldly said

"Sir BI--, Bin, Miss Jasmine is your master so you have to treat her with respect."

Her voice was cold and her face was expressionless, she was someone who regarded serving one's master with utmost importance so seeing such behavior, although it was surprising, it was unacceptable.

Bin was also surprised but he quickly remembered that only when he's alone with Jasmine could he treat her like that so he nodded his head apologetically to Hyue and waited for her to finish with the head maid.

After spending 10 whole minutes eating, Jasmine fell asleep again without noticing it so Bin just puts the plates back on the cart and left her room after closing the door.

Hyue took the cart from him and said

"Since Miss Jasmine is asleep then your job is done for tonight, you can rest if you want."

Bin nodded and left in the opposite direction, but before he took two steps, Hyue stopped him again and said

"Your room is on the other side of the mansion, after the kitchen, so that's the wrong direction."

Bin was not planning to go back to his room so he didn't waste time and voiced his thoughts to Hyue

"Actually, I was not heading to my room but outside, I have to go back to my little sister and pick her up so see you later."

When he was roaming the mansion earlier, he spotted a door that butlers and maid used, it was an exit door so Bin headed there and left the mansion. He would much rather a car but since no one would be willing to take him there, he only had to sprint.


Mina, his little sister is always picked up by him at 8 PM, it was very late and all the other kids got out from the kindergarten at 5 PM but the woman who took care of his sister was kind enough to let Mina stay until 8 PM since he had to work.

Now that he had a new job, he would pick her up way earlier, Jasmine would not mind something so trivial and even if she did, Mina was way more important for him than Jasmine or this job.

It took Bin a bit less than an hour to arrive at the kindergarten, he was sweating profusely and his head was red from exhaustion. The mansion of Jasmine was a bit of away from the city and it was in some kind of district reserved for rich people, he first got lost then went the other way, it was too hellish.

At the small yard made from plastic grass, Mina sat there, her figure was lonely, she was staring at the grass silently and not doing anything besides that.

Seeing her lonely figure, Bin felt pain in his heart as he wished only happiness for his sister but he couldn't stay with her the whole day, it was impossible. The only thing he could do for her is earning money and satisfy her desires and buy some good clothes of delicious food for her.

"Mina! I'm here."

When she heard his crisp voice, the little girl turned around and dashed at him with a face full of smiles, it's like she's not the same little girl who was sitting there alone and remaining silent.

He knew that even though she was small, Mina was smart as she never demanded anything from him and would not tell him even if she wanted something, she would keep it for herself. She felt very lonely but she knew that her big brother worked hard for their sake so didn't complain.

"Ah! Big brother!"

Once she close to him, Mina jumped in her brother's arm, burying her head into his chest, she liked hugging him and resting in his arms.

Moreover, she was pretty tired so by the time Bin thanked the woman who took care of his little sister, Mina was already asleep in his arms. He carried her on his back, piggyback and went to their small 'apartment'. Although Jasmine prepared a room for him in the mansion, it was too far and it would bring troubles if he brought her there. 

They didn't have electricity in the small home so he used two candles to illuminate the small room, all there was some books and blankets. Softly, he put his sleeping sister on the blankets and covered her then he sat next to her.

It was a very long day and a lot of things happened, now that he thought about it, it's rather unbelievable that he became a servant and the pay was too high.

Bin didn't sleep and merely gazed at his sister peaceful sleeping face, it was angelic and pleasing to look at. He stroked her cheeks and softly smiled, all his life and goals was for her sake, if she's not here, he would rather die than continue to live miserably.

'I'll definitely, definitely make you live a life full of happiness and joy, just wait a bit more time... just a bit.'


At midnight, Mina woke up as she felt hungry, fortunately, Bin bought some food on his way home, he prepared some food for her when she was asleep and put aside. When she woke up, he gave it to her and he even put a little extra so she could feel full.

The cute little Mina ate half her plate and pushed the remaining food to her brother whilst saying.

"Big Brother, I'm full, it's delicious. Here, eat some too."

Bin could only shake his head while smiling, whenever she ate, Mina would always do this so he got used to it, obviously, he wouldn't eat it and would reply the same way.

"I already ate, now finish your plate so you can grow up to a healthy and fine lady."

After hesitating a bit, Mina continued eating whilst glancing at her brother every now and then. 

Not long after, she fell asleep again followed by Bin who also fell asleep as he couldn't hold back anymore.


The night passed fast and before he could even have enough sleep, Bin was awakened by the loud noise of the alarm. He instantly stopped it and dashed to their small toiled.

'Damn it, again! So soon?'

As he was thinking that, he started coughing continuously and soon the coughing turned serious until he coughed real blood and large amounts too.

His face turned pale and his whole body was in pain, it was going to be one of those days when he is greatly weakened because of this damnable sickness.

After getting rid of the blood and washing his face, Bin prepared himself and softly awakened Mina as it was time for Kindergarten. 

Normally, it's whether morning or evening the kindergarten but Mina was willing to stay the whole day there for his sake. Mina didn't complain about more sleep and obediently wore her clothes with his help then she ate a simple breakfast which was a cup of hot milk and two fist-sized cakes that Bin bought yesterday for 500 Won the piece.

As she was eating and enjoying the sweet cakes, Mina suddenly stopped and pointed at Bin while asking with a worried and sad tone.

"Big Brother, you have blood on your lips again..... are you okay?'

Bin didn't notice the blood leaking of his lips and the taste of blood was filling his mouth since earlier, it's like he didn't have saliva but blood.

"Oh, this? It's just that I bit my tongue when I was eating earlier, don't worry."

Judging by her look, Mina didn't believe him, she kept staring at him with worried look and added

"But you always say that....."

Bin kept laughing and replied

"Ha ha ha, your big brother is clumsy and I have a bad habit of biting my tongue while eating, don't worry. Just be careful to not become like me, alright?"

As he was saying that, Bin rubbed her head but Mina only dropped her head down and only responded with one soft word


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