Chapter 36

When Nick notices that James was glaring at him he put Khalid on the ground and said to Iris while pointing at him “this is the man that you were talking about but I am not really sure about why he was watching us” then he explained to her why he thought that Khalid is not what Iris thought he is but still he was suspicious and that why Nick caught him.

Iris examined Khalid then Nick and from what she saw she figured out that Khalid did not resist at all but still was beaten up so badly that he is barely alive so she stared at Nick and said “what did you do”

Nick avoided making eye contact while saying nervously “what are talking about I do not really get it I'm just this guy and he tried to run away so I could not control myself and that why he is like this”

Iris looked at him and said “do you really think that I would believe you from the look of it I am sure that you were able to subdue him with one hit and because of what happens with James and you and si

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