Chapter 45

After his talk with Ron, Khalid went to take out the map to see if it is like what Ron told him and it was, Khalid was surprised by what he saw, he was sure that checked the map before and it wasn’t like what he is seeing now.

Every detail at where he is shown before him and there is a dot above it written Owner Khalid tried to remember how did he figure out the name of the forest that he was in, when he was talking to Ron he was sure that figured it out by using the map but after thinking about it, was it.

Khalid didn’t want to waste time thinking about it right now, now Khalid has two choices either he risk it and go right now right about when the end of the day or wait for morning when there is light so that he knows his way after some thinking about it he decided that faster he got out of this forest the better.

When he got to the ground he walked with no noise hoping whatever that lives in the forest wouldn’t notice him, walked like that f

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