When Faith was alive, she took a few notes from when she was a teacher and the other many jobs she had before that, she could figure out people by their movement, and that is one thing that Ron did not pay any attention to it.

When Faith came to ask Ron about Khalid, there multiple tells that Ron has and Faith was able to figure out some of them with the few interactions with him and talk with Khalid, Faith knew that when Ron tries to change a subject or take too long to answer a simple question that means that either he wants to avoid telling the truth to make easier for him or thinking about a simple lie that he could remember in the future.

Ron tried to look composed and told her that everything is alright and there is nothing to worry about, the main problem for him was his lips were trembling and he was trying to avoid eye contact with her and he couldn’t stop his leg from moving up and down.

When Faith notices all of that “are you sure about th

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