Chapter 47

Some time later Jack was able to control himself he stood up and apologized for letting him see such a mess to which Ron replied “you really don’t need to apologize for crying” he was about to ask about Nate but he stopped instead he said “it would be better for you to be careful”

“Oh right I forgot about that” said Jack remembering there is someone that waiting for a chance to get rid of him, after he got back to usual self he got gut feeling that something bad might happen to either the bear or Nate because he didn’t hear anything from the bear and so he hurried back to where they were, this was shown all over his face and result of that Ron went with him.

When the get to where Nate is, the found the bear lying on the ground while shocked Nate at its feat he was shaken up by what happen that he didn’t react at all w
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