When I Get My Revenge on Solomon

(somewhere in the hospital)

Yong, the senator's son, had been bitten the previous day by Solomon in school. It was quite a deep cut on his right shoulder that he was bleeding seriously and was rushed to the hospital by the school authorities. Yong spent the night in the hospital bed, with his mother sleeping in a chair by his right side. He wakes up to see her still there, waiting for his recovery as his dad, the senator, was out of town.

Yong regains consciousness in the hospital bed as he slowly opens his eyes. He turned to his left to see the drip connected to his left hand. He could somehow hear the drop of the drip every 2 seconds.

Yong then turned to his right to see his mother resting her head on the bed while sitting on a chair and suddenly she wakes up too after sensing movements from him.

"Son, oh son, you are awake. Thank goodness. How are you feeling? " She asked, while reaching out to Young's forehead, checking if he was feeling hot. 

"(Exhales) I'm fine mom," Yong said, as he tried to sit up on the hospital bed.

"What I want to know is how that bastard Solomon was punished for laying his hands on the senators' son," Yong asked his mom with a serious tone and serious facial expression.

"Oh that brat! You mean, you don't worry about that. He will certainly get the harshest punishment for laying his filthy hands on my baby. I've worked things out with your school principal," Yong's mom reassured him.

"I bet you must be hungry. Hang on while I go get you something to eat and also call a nurse to come check you up" She said, and Yong nodded in agreement. 

“Nurse!" Yong's mom yelled as she went away, and soon after, a nurse appeared in the room to check up on Yong.

"Good to see your awake. How is your shoulder feeling?" The nurse asked Yong while touching his bandage attached to his wounded shoulder. "

Then Yong said on his mind "The only time I will feel okay is when I get my revenge on that bastard Solomon."

"Are you alright?" The nurse asked once more and Yong nodded as a sign of yes.

"You should get discharged later today, your recovery is good." 

Hearing what the nurse had just said, Yong tuned to look at her and said "I can't wait. I have unfinished business."

At that moment, Yong's mother walked into the room with some food for him. "Here you go, eat a lot so you can build up energy, my son” She said as she approached him with some "bulgogi" (a famous beef barbecue in Korea).

She placed the meal on a table beside his bed and reached out for the spoon.

She took a spoon of bulgogi and said to Yong, "Open up wide!" As she brings the bulgogi spoon to his mouth.

The next two seconds, after Yong had tasted the bulgogi in his mouth, he spat it out uncontrollably, seeing that it had accidentally landed on his mother's face in front of him. 

Yong quickly reached out for a bottle of water by the table and swallowed it down his throat like a thirsty beast. His mother and the nurse were shocked at what had happened. His mother, in confusion and covered in spittle of bulgogi all over her face, asked Yong, "Why did you do that?"

After Yong had finished drinking the water, he felt instantly hungry but still gave his mother a reply. “I'm so sorry mom, I didn't mean to spit on you. It's just that the food tasted like charcoal and was so unpleasant.”

"What do you mean by charcoal? Ok let me get the doctor" the nurse said as she leaves the room.

Yong couldn't understand what had just happened, even though the food had smelled delicious when his mother had brought it in, it tasted like charcoal. Now the overall smell of the food and taste disgusts him. 

Ba-thump Ba-thump Ba-thump.

Yong hears his heart start racing from inside him.

He looked at his chest and placed his right hand on his chest to confirm the heart beat as it beat heavily. Yong swallows spit and licks his lips. He had suddenly developed a strong hunger and wanted to eat badly, but there was a problem. He didn't find the bulgogi by his side tasty, but instead found that his mother by his side gave off a very delicious smell. He could smell the blood in her body just by looking at her, and it smelled more delicious than the bulgogi she had brought for him.

Soon after, the nurse returned to Yong's room with the doctor, who then tried to calm Yong down.

"Lie him down for me please" 

The doctor said to the nurse while removing his stethoscope from his neck to check on Yong's heart beat.

"Doctor, will he be alright?" Yong's mother asked after wiping the bulgogi spit from her face.

"Please ma'am, let me check on him," The doctor responded to her. 

In Yong's mind, he couldn't still understand why he found his mom tasty.

"Stretch his left hands out for me," the doctor said to the nurse as he tried to give Yong an injection.

Yong looked at the nurse while she stretched out her hands forward, and then suddenly, he could smell her, and she smelled delicious. He suddenly had the urge to consume her. A second thought questioned what he was about to do. ‘What is happening?’ He asked in his mind.


Yong screamed in pain, and it startled his mom, the doctor, and the nurse, who stepped back for a bit. Huge veins, similar to those of Solomon, started appearing on Yong's legs as he screams in agony and stretches his body.

"Doctor do something" Yong's mother had shouted at the doctor, and he instructed the nurse to hold Yong's hand tightly while trying to force the injection on him. 

The vein had reached up to the neck of Yong as his eyes slowly turned red due to the blood covering them.

"Kra, ka kra," Yong's bones made loud sounds as they were fractured and rearranged in a different manner. The doctor and nurse both stepped back as they watch him turned into a horrifying monster that was very different appearance of the young man a second ago.

"Yong, my son!" Yong's mother cries as she tries to approach him, but the doctor tries to stop her.

Fully turned, Yong stood up from the bed backwards with his legs only and jumped on top of the nurse. The doctor had to flee to get security, leaving the mother of Yong all alone in the hospital room with him.

"Raaa..." Yong roared at the nurse while on top of her as she struggled against Tom.

 Yong's mother could only do a little more than cry her heart out while watching her son hopelessly turn into a monster.

"Ahhhh," the nurse screamed as Yong pierced his canine teeth that had gotten sharper on her fleshy neck while blood rushed out. Yong had overpowered her, bit her, and drank her blood like it was as sweet as chocolate ice cream.

"Someone help me, anyone, doctor!" Yong's mother screams as she runs out of the room in tears and with fear on her face.

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