I Don't Want to Eat My Dad

(At Mr. Chan's home)

"It wasn't me, I swear. It was as if a voice in my head was telling me to bite, not eat him." Solomon said, in a desperate tone.

Mr. Chan turned to him with a confused facial expression on his face and said, "What? A voice instructs you to eat your classmate. How is that even possible?”

"I suddenly became hungry, and Yong smelt tasty to me, and I couldn't control it. It was as if I was a slave to the voice in my head Dad," Solomon said while rubbing both his hands on his head and holding his desperate facial expression.

"You really mean it, son?" Mr. Chan suddenly asked with shock in his eyes, and Solomon nodded to his father. "It's alright son, go upstairs and change. We will talk about this later." Mr. Chan instructed Solomon to put both his hands on his waist.

Later that night, Solomon had gone to bed, and he himself couldn't understand what was happening and how he ended up biting Yong. He couldn't even hurt a fly, much less stand up to the biggest jerk in his class. 

While fast asleep, he heard a voice saying "more blood, more blood, more blood" in his head. Solomon started shaking in his sleep.

He stood up from his bed. The voice in his head had taken over his mind and body. His eyes had now become red as he grinded his teeth together, saying, "I need blood." Solomon, inside his body, saw what was happening but couldn't control himself. He walked slowly from his room to his Dad's room.

He saw Mr. Chan sleeping on top of a book on a table while sitting down. His eyeglasses were in a bad position on his face.

"Blood, eat him; you are hungry, aren't you?" The voice said once more to Solomon.

At that point, Mr. Chan was smelling delicious to Solomon, and all he could do was try to resist the temptation. "Why, why, why is this happening?" Solomon said in his mind, not been able to speak out at that moment.

The only thing he could do was watch. He had no control of his body so therefore he could not even do anything even though he wanted to scream at the moment.

"No, no, no. I don't want to eat my dad, but why does he smell so delicious, and why am I hungry? What voice is in my head? I can't let what happened to Yong happen to my Dad. " Solomon said this with a crying voice in his mind.

Solomon started moving towards his dad one step at a time. 

Miraculously, Mr. Chan suddenly wakes up and sees Solomon in his room. He put on the lights while arranging his glasses properly on his eyes and said, "Solomon, what is it?"

He then saw that the face of Solomon was different; he had veins on his forehead; he was drilling while grinding his teeth; and his eyes had become reddish. 

Mr Chan suddenly gaped in shock.

"Son, what happened to you? Why are you looking like that?"

However, Mr Chan didn’t get an answer as Solomon jumped from where he was standing, ran up to him, and roared at him in a loud, terrifying voice that Mr Chan had never heard before. 

With quick reaction Mr. Chan struggled not to get bitten by him. 

Mr. Chan yelled, "Solomon, what are you doing?! come back to yourself! It's me your dad!" 

But it was all in vain because, as the voice in his head said, Solomon was still determined to eat him.

Mr. Chan managed to push Solomon away and went straight to his bed in fear and desperation. Solomon got up almost immediately and ran straight after him. Mr. Chan took his bedsheets and used it to defend himself from Solomon. He managed to round up Solomon with it and used it to tie him to his bed wooden part.

Solomon struggled and roared to get out, but Mr. Chan ran with fear in his heart to the door, locking him in the room after successfully tying him up.

That night, Mr. Chan couldn't sleep but thought about what had happened. He then realised Solomon was telling the truth, but how could this have happened? He asked himself in confusion

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