What Have I Done to My Son?

(The Next Day)

Mr. Chan put his ears on the door to hear if Solomon was still shouting, but there was no noise. He opened the door slowly and saw Solomon asleep. Mr. Chan stepped inside slowly and saw his son back to normal on the bed. Solomon woke up slowly at that moment and saw his dad. He looked around to see himself tied to his bed.

"What is happening, Dad? What are my doing here and why am I being tied? " Solomon had blanked out on the rest of what happened last night when he started attacking his dad.

Mr. Chan immediately became shocked as a thought came through his mind as he stood there.

"Oh No," Mr. Chan said in fear.

At this point, he recalled the cure he gave to Solomon two days ago and immediately knew that was when this problem started. 

‘Could this problem be because of the cure?’

Mr. Chan questions himself in his mind while staring at Solomon. 

‘No it can't be, he stopped seeing his illusions already and I made sure it was a hundred percent safe’ He said once more in his mind.

"Solomon, are you alright?" Mr. Chan asked him. 

"Yes dad, but it happened again, didn't it?”

Seeing that Mr Chan didn’t reply back instantly, Solomon got his answer.

“I am sorry, I didn't mean it and I don't know what is happening to me."Solomon apologized, not knowing what he might done this time.

Quickly, Mr. Chan got closer to him and freed Solomon from the bed, sat close to him and looked at his son in the eyes while holding him on the shoulders. He then said, "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright, but you will have to bear with me for now while I try to solve this, you hear?"

Solomon nodded his head in agreement while looking sober. "Freshen up and have something to eat, then meet me at the lab later”

During the evening of that day, Solomon had gone to the lab where his dad, Mr. Chan, was busy setting things in place for a test he wanted to conduct on Solomon.

"Oh son, you're here. Come sit. Let's try to figure out what is causing this problem," Mr. Chan said while showing Solomon a chair to sit on. Solomon, after sitting on the chair, saw straps attached to it and said to Mr. Chan, "Dad, what are these for?"

"They are simply for safety purposes, my son. We don't know the exact time you may turn to that thing again, so let's be cautious." Mr. Chan responded while tying the straps to Solomon's hands and waist as he was seated on the chair. 

Mr. Chan then began the test by taking a blood sample from Solomon's arm with an injection and undergoing some tests with it. Finally, after one hour, he had a means to a result.

Mr. Chan looked at the blood sample with his microscope for some seconds and slowly raised his head, with a shocked look on his face. 

Solomon had noticed it from where he was sitting at the lab and asked, "Dad, what's wrong?"

His voice had brought Mr. Chan out of his deep thoughts as he turned to look at Solomon.

"Son, it's nothing I can't take care of." Mr. Chan said this with a fake smile on his face so as not to make Solomon worry. 

However, worry lurked his mind.

“I was 100% sure the cure I gave him was safe and free from side effects." Mr. Chan turned to Solomon and mumbled to himself "So this thing my son is turning into is a side effect of the cure I gave to him. Oh no, I have to find an antidote. "

Mr. Chan had done some tests and came up with some antidote two hours later, but no one came to match as a cure for what Solomon was turning into.

"Aaa Dad" 

Solomon said to Mr. Chan suddenly, with a frightening voice. Mr. Chan, seated in the lab trying to figure out a compatible antidote, turned to see Solomon slowly turning into what he saw last night again. With fear, he suddenly turned back to his scattered papers to see if he had made any record of an antidote after two hours of work.

From Solomon's feet, huge veins started appearing as they moved slowly upward through his body, reaching his hands, abdomen, and chest before finally racing to his neck.

"I must find an antidote. I must find an antidote. I must find the antidote. " Mr. Chan said while sitting down in his home's lab, rubbing his forehead in anxiety.

"Dad, help me..." Solomon says to his dad in a sad tone as he struggles to resist the monster's advances.

Mr. Chan turned to his left and saw his only son in a depressing state, turning into what he called a "mistake" while strapped to a chair. Tears started rolling down his eyes slowly. He removed his glasses to wipe them off with his lab coat and then put them back.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Solomon shouted after fully turning into the monster his father created while trying to escape from the chair.

"M. m., my son, is a zombie?" Mr. Chan said, with sadness on his face as he stared at his son.

He stood up in hope and continued working. "Let's try this again." he said.

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