MALIVIC WORLD: The Strongest System in Another World

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MALIVIC WORLD: The Strongest System in Another World

By: BOSSSESamaaaa OngoingSystem

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Lein must accept the fact as one of the humans with the most ridiculous deaths in the world! He is a professional game jockey. However, a crazy request from a rich customer made him push himself too hard. As a result, extreme exhaustion took his life. However, after he opened his eyes after his death; System, Potions, Kingdoms, Caves of Life, Koi fish! Game Malivic World is back to welcome it. "This world is none other than the Malivic World! The game that took my life!" Follow Lein's journey in a real game world.

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  • BOSSSESamaaaaa


    Semangat nulis untuk diriku sendiri!!!

    2023-03-05 20:41:06
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55 chapters
Poor Gamer
Just a little more... At least until this mission is over, I'll quit and sleep afterwards. But, how many times have I said that sentence today? Ah, I'll really quit after this mission is over, I promise!For 48 hours, Lein stared at his computer screen without a break. The dark circles under his eyes that seemed to be hit by a heavyweight boxer, were enough to explain how tired he was. If someone sees his condition, then there is no choice for that person but to call an ambulance or mental hospital staff. Lein really needed treatment both physically and mentally."Nice! The mission is finally completed." Lein jumped for joy before finally throwing his body back onto the chair, taking a deep breath while closing his eyes, then continued, "With this I successfully completed that crazy customer's request! Raised his rank to the highest level in just two days? Of course all best players to refuse that crazy offer. But, with the amount of money being offered, how can I not be tempted?”Lei
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An old white two-story house with a unique decoration that almost covers the entire front wall, became the place where Anderlecht stopped his steps. He moved Andes' body to his left shoulder, while his right arm began to reach into his trouser pocket one by one; looking for the house key that Anderlecht himself had forgotten where he had put it."Damn it! Where did I keep the key?"Annoyed! Anderlecht chose to kick the door of his house until it broke and fell. When is the repair time? Think about it tomorrow! Andes care comes first now!"Wow! I didn't expect Anderlecht to be such a barbarian," thought Lein.Anderlecht jogged lightly towards the kitchen. There, there are two mysterious doors that each have a different color; black and green. A strange color choice for the wood brown kitchen walls.Anderlecht paused between the two doors. After a while; as if he managed to remember something, he chose a black door. Inside, Lein's nose was greeted by an extremely overpowering repulsive
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You Know Metamount?
This morning, Lein woke up earlier than usual; time on earth. After spending a lot of time analyzing the hologram floating before his eyes last night, Lein found it had a lot of drawbacks compared to when he played the game Malivic World on the computer. Hence, worries about the attack from the Barbarian race filled Lein's mind again. He felt the need to raise his level immediately!"Dad, what are you doing?" Lein asked while knocking on the door of the black room. After asking Anderlecht about the contents of the green door, it turned out to be just an ordinary bathroom."I'm trying to make a new potion. If you want to see it, come on in, Son."Lein entered and was again greeted by a terrible smell. Inside, he could see all the ingredients that looked familiar, but he wasn't sure if they were the same as he thought.In the game Malivic World, to find out the details of an object, you only need to click on the object from the computer screen using the mouse, select the 'details' optio
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Finding The Sword Techniques
After coming up with the idea to make the potion of his dreams, Anderlecht didn't delay any longer. He was busy preparing, concocting, recording, and analyzing everything, so that one hour passed quickly.Lein, who was sitting not far from him, was starting to feel bored. In the game Malivic World, he didn't even need more than 5 minutes to make a potion. With the help of the system, everything becomes easy because you just mix the ingredients and the system will help you by telling you the uses and side effects, as well as the best handling of it. However, the real world is always painful! Making potions without the help of the system really requires high concentration and perfect dosing."Huft! What should I do to get rid of this boredom?"Lein started surveying his surroundings; looking for things he might be able to do. And, inadvertently, his eyes focused on the old books that were arranged crookedly on the wooden planks; on the left side wall."Maybe I can find a fantasy novel t
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Damn Brat!
The sound came from the three boys who caused Andes to fall from the hill. They are Lezzhy, Arman, and Despa. With a trivial expression, Despa continued, "Or maybe the Andes want revenge on you, Lezzhy."Lein who still had a boiling face replied, "Brats like you better leave before I beat your buttocks one by one with my sword." Lein suddenly stopped as he recalled Anderlecht's previous joke; who immediately corrected his sentence, "Mmm... I mean this wooden sword."Hearing that, the three of them couldn't hide their shocked expressions. How could the cowardly Andes dare say such a thing? Is the word from Mr. Sammy; the father of Lezzhy is that right? Then, calling them brats? Is the mirror lin the house not big enough?"It seems that our coward only dared to say that because he was in his yard," said Arman with a trivial expression.Meanwhile, Lezzhy, without waiting for a response from Andes on Arman's statement, said, "Beat our buttocks with that wood? How about we spar? We'll see,
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Level Up
A golden beam entered through the window, hitting Lein's vision, which immediately woke him up. His vision was still blurry, but he still tried to observe what was around him. There is a night lamp made of transparent glass on the right side wall. Not far from it, there is a small dark brown table on which are three potion bottles, each filled with a different color."At first I thought I would wake up from this strange dream. However, it seems like everything I experienced before was a reality!"Lein then sat down. However, the slightest movement made his ribs hurt. Looking down, his entire abdomen was wrapped in a white cloth. Colors that seemed to have come from the potion beside him were seeping from the sore spot.The pain was better than before, but it still hurt a lot. "How could I lose to a little brat?"Remembering how his life on earth was, Lein once won a fight with a fat teenager when he was still in Elementary School. He has also participated in karate competitions and wo
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Barbarian Race
There is one thing Anderlecht hasn't realized about Metamount."Dad, you said earlier that the effect of this potion was only slight, right?""No problem about that. I'll be doing further research to corroborate its effects. For now, what do you think of the potion, Son?" said Anderlecht as he folded his arms and put on a haughty expression. He had succeeded in making a body strengthening potion even though it had little effect. How could he not feel proud about that?"You're wrong, Dad. It's not that it has little effect, but because we are too weak, that it has little effect. If you give this to a high-level magus or swordman, the result will be much different. You should lower the dose of your potion, Dad. This potion is too strong!""Hmm, My Son, don't be too overly concerned about me, this is just an ordinary strengthening potion."How can I convince Anderlecht? Do I need to say that I come from another world who have played games similar to this world thousands of times? Ah, sur
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Stein Thormund
Since birth, Lein lived without knowing his parents. He was first found at the door of the orphanage with a basket and a thin little blanket; naked and cold. I don't know what the reason for those damn parents is, but according to many people's guess, it's because they are still young and far from mature.Because of that, this was a new thing for Lein, the first time he felt the love of a dad. Without realizing it, his love for Anderlecht also appeared at the same time.Lein returned and sat next to Anderlecht's body. He still had the metamount in his hands. That should be enough to make him a little stronger, to at least bring one of the Barbarian race to death with him.However, before Lein could pour the metamount into his mouth, the sound of horseshoes came from the north. It didn't stop there, the sound became more numerous, coming from another direction."Hey, Kid."The voice came from the iron warrior riding on the black one-horned horse. On the warrior's left arm, there was a
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Cave of Life and Two Koi Fish
It was already another 20 minutes, but Lein's walk was made even more difficult by the many vines that almost filled the surroundings. It didn't quite end there, almost every single one of the plants had tiny, thin spines that couldn't be seen, scratching his skin, causing annoyance to settle in Lein's brain."I feel like I want to kill someone!"Because of that, Lein only had 150 HP left. If he didn't find something that could recover his HP immediately, Lein had to be prepared to accept the fact as the second most ridiculous death in the world!"If only this Metamount had an effect that restores HP. However, every potion must have its drawbacks, and Metamount is no exception. It's definitely the most perfect potion if it has an additional effect like that."Lein could only surrender to face reality. His death seemed only one step away from him. Finding a place for his grave was what Lein would do now. However, his eyes immediately filled with tears when he saw a dark cave in front o
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How to Make Large Jug
Two months later.Unlucky! Why is it so complicated? Just because a small mistake can destroy everything! I regret not watching the video tutorial before I die.After two hours had passed, Lein took four steps back, surveying the item he made for a few seconds, before finally saying, "Nice, I did it!"After spending weeks learning how to make a large clay jug, Lein finally dropped his body to the ground while looking at the still wet mold of the large jug with a happy expression."Huft! In half a month, the Asmovius Sword and Magic Academy will open. Luckily I finished this large jug in time."After spending a few seconds staring in awe at the large jug he made, Lein got up, then walked towards the well. There, the two koi fish had grown much larger and had been surrounded by many smaller koi fish."You have to come with me! It's time for us to prepare!"However, a notification suddenly appeared from the hologram as if the koi fish was ignoring Lein's words.TING! [All the koi fish ar
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