Reincarnation Skill System: Idris Beaufort's Revenge

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Reincarnation Skill System: Idris Beaufort's Revenge

By: Balayage Dawn CompletedSystem

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Getting backstabbed and betrayed, Angus is thrown over the rooftop by his own brother. When he thought his life probably ended, he finds himself reincarnated as Idris Beaufort who's not only weak, cursed but also severally sick. In this life, he vows to grow stronger, make those suffer who bullied him and his family, take what is supposed to be his and show the world who is the true King. Can someone as weak as Idris can overcome all the difficulties and rise to the top?

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150 chapters
Ch 001
On a cold winter morning, when leaves were falling from the Japanese maple tree in the backyard, Angus Bekham was busy making coffee for himself in the spacious kitchen of the Beckham Residence. With a satisfying smile plastered on his face, Angus gently put down the coffee cup on the table. Though there was a crew of maids in the Beckham Residence, Angus always made his own breakfast. Trying to cut a fruit as it dropped on the floor, he leaned down to get it. For a moment Angus felt someone was near him and his nostrils took in a perfume that he felt rather familiar with. Thinking of it as nothing much, he went on searching for the fruit. "Ahh!" Suddenly he screamed in pain as the hot coffee splashed on his hand, giving him a burning sensation. "Oh, sir. I'm so sorry, I didn't see you were on the floor." The maid uttered so but her voice sounded rather unapologetic. Before Angus could stand up, the maid quickly stood on his finger and he hissed in pain. Getting always treated
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Ch 002
The birds were chirping in the near distance when the gentle breeze kissed the bridge of his nose. Something felt definitely off but at the same time, the faint sound of the breaking of new blooms after rainfall felt real.Lying on the soft floor that felt like a bed made of grasses, Angus woke up with a severe headache. As he opened his eyes slowly, the sudden dazzling light made him more dizzy."Where is this place? Where am I?" That was the first question that popped up in his head. Angus looked around in a daze, everything felt so new to him."As far as I can remember... Mathew pushed me from the rooftop, I was falling down then... Then a voice spoke in my head and a hologram uhmm, something like a three-dimensional image popped up out of nowhere then I... I can't remember anything else." Angus pulled his hair and looked around. It was such a beautiful garden, with different types of beautiful flowers and plants around."Lord Idris, I finally found you. Oh my, why did you come out
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Ch 003
'Arghhh! I don't know until when it will be going like this. Geez!' Idris stared at the ground grumpily when someone pulled his hand.Holding his hand, a blue eyed girl with brown hair looked so delighted. She smiled tearfully and said sincerely, "I'm so happy you are fine and breathing. Brother, let's play together.""I don't want to." Idris voiced bluntly.The 10 year old girl grabbed his hand and looked at him with puppy eyes, "Why not? Are you not feeling well?""I'm feeling much better but I don't feel like playing." He answered.Shasha Beaufort, Idris's sister, was a pretty, kind-hearted and smart girl. She looked a little like Merle but a little like the Duke of Montana. At first, Idris was happy to see her but since she started talking so much and jumping around him, nagging him to play with her he was getting pissed rather.Shasha sat down on the bed quietly, her eyes filled with sadness, "Everyday, you say we should play together. We don't have any friends to play with sinc
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Ch 004
Some voices sounded rather clear in his ears when his eyes were still closed. Idris slightly moved on the bed and as he opened his eyes he was stunned.All of a sudden Adam jumped on him and hugged him tight, almost choking him up, "My Lord, you are awake... Why did you do it? Why?" Hearing him, Idris gulped. He thought they caught him sneaking out until Adam said the next line, "You were lying on the ground when I found you. I was scared. Why didn't you ask me to go with you if you wanted to pick a flower?"'Seems I haven't gotten caught yet. Thankfully.'"I wanted to take a look at the flowers haha. Don't cry now, I'm fine. It sounds funny." He let go of his breath and calmed down."Fine. I won't cry but if you want to pick a flower then please tell me first ok? I'll pick it up for my Lord.""Of course."'I surely remember that there was something strange that pushed me away. But what was it? Such a strong force I felt back then...'After the last time, Idris thought to try it agai
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Ch 005
Unable to move from his place, Idris felt severe and unexplainable pain in his hand and legs. With his head a mess and his memory in chaos, he could hear some noises when his eyes were closed. He slightly moved on his place and the voices that were distant became audible. "We were just going to kidnap that woman and then sell her to the foreign merchant to get some money but look at what we got." One of the guys stared at Idris hatefully and let out a sigh of frustration as he continued, "If only that guy didn't meddle in, we could have done our job perfectly but now, it's all ruined because of that brat."Idris couldn't understand what situation he was in, and far more it didn't give him any good feelings either. 'I was wrong, those guys were actually their group members. Looks like they took us here by kidnapping… ' "What should we do now? Should we kill him?" Another guy asked.'Are they going to kill me? Wait, where is Adam? And also that woman whom we tried to rescue...'"Nah,
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Ch 006
It took Idris sometimes to settle his facial reaction as him staring at Reiki made the situation a bit awkward. Reiki's wife, the woman they saved, introduced herself as Alexa but none of them revealed their surname.Unlike Alexa, Reiki had an average look of a man. He was a tall man with an average height, his brown eyes matched his blonde hair quite finely. Though he was not much muscular, his fighting skills were worth admiring.Reiki checked the surroundings for a moment before coming back to Alexa. "I know a certain way, as long as we follow the path we will be able to leave this place. Let's go." Saying so as Reiki proceeded with his wife, Adam suddenly stood before Idris. Extending his arms in front of him, Adam voiced cautiously as if looking out for danger, "My Lord, what if they are not trustworthy? We don't know them, we can end up in trouble."'I am sure Skie would have warned me if there was anything like that. Since my mission was to find this man, I'm sure he will be u
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Ch 007
The cool breeze kissed his cheeks and he stretched out his arms feeling the new sensation though he was slightly scared to fall down. How beautiful and clear the sky looked! Unlike the world he lived in, this world was totally different. It looked rather pure and more beautiful but the world he lived in was harsher than one could imagine. "My Lord, it is time to go." At Adam's reminder, Idris nodded his head, "Yeah, let's go." And he jumped over the wall. "Adam, later you will show Mr. And Mrs. Eckes their room. And you didn't forget what to say if someone asks who they are right?Adam bobbed his head and Idris gave them a small smile before heading towards his room. Just when he was on the door, surprisingly Merle ran to them with Sasha following behind."Mother..." Awestruck, he didn't know what to say. What if Merle already found out about his absence for the past few days? What would she do to him since he strictly told him not to go out? Many questions clouded his mind.Merle l
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Ch 008
"Adam, pass the ball." Idris called out as he waited for the ball cheerfully. They were playing the 'kick balls' game in the backyard of the palace with nobody around.Adam looked backwards and shot at the ball, though he didn't seem to be interested to play at first now he was playing actively. Just as Idris ran to kick the ball, he fell on his knees. Until now he was so enthusiastic that he didn't feel tired at all but the moment his knees touched the ground, he felt his body so weak and he was sweating like a horse."My Lord, it's my fault. I shouldn't have agreed to play along or else you wouldn't get hurt like this." Adam helped him to stand up. "Don't blame yourself, it was me who asked you to play. You were just following my instructions." Idris hissed in pain then he bit his lips to stay strong. Adam looked down at the ground feeling guilty, when Idris asked him to play with him he didn't want to do it but thinking that Idris didn't have anyone to play with he finally agreed.
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Ch 009
The night sky was full of twinkling stars and the big dazzling moon when the moonlit spread everywhere, giving a dainty panorama. Standing near the window of his room Idris kept looking into the space, though everywhere screamed silence he could hear the crickets making a soft chorus somewhere in the distance. Idris's room was not so extravagant, unlike those rooms the Duke's son would have but he didn't expect much, it was peaceful here. "My Lord, it's Adam. May I come in?""Yes, come in."As Adam walked into the room, Idris looked at him from his head to toe. To not call for attention, Idris told him to wear clothes that the farmer wears so Adam did exactly the same. And now, he exactly looked like a farmer. 'The time has finally come... ' Idris heaved a sigh, thinking so. "It's time for me to leave, My Lord. I came to bid goodbye to you." Adam voiced, with a sad look in his eyes. In the palace nobody knew about Adam's departure hence nobody was awake in the palace to see him o
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Ch 010
"Skie, can you save him?"[No, I am only able to accompany the Host. I can't help another individual.]Idris walked back and forth, thinking of a plan. 'If I tell Reiki to go save Adam, he will ask many questions that I won't be able to answer him. But if I don't do something then Adam will die. What should I do?'"Skie, is there any way that I can go to him? I know how to swim."[No, as Ice Palace is under a spell you cannot leave the palace at this time. But there's a way you can save him.]"Which way?"[You will need to go under water and use a 'telepathy broom'. But it's a risky task, due to being weak you might end up getting ill.]"What is a 'telepathy broom'?"[Please check your bag, Host.]When he hugged Adam before he left, he already gave him one of the rewards that he got from completing his first mission. An 'invisible wheel', that would help him find the herbs easily. Idris thought it would save Adam a lot more time but now, he felt guilty that he didn't send Reiki who wa
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