The Beast Hunter System is Flawed!

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The Beast Hunter System is Flawed!

By: Oliver Philips OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In this world, things are very difficult for everyone, but people find their way to get by. Some work hard, some sell and negotiate, while others… Hunt monsters? Meet Leonard Flint, an aspiring hunter with an eccentric personality, and his friends Adam Archen and Charlotte Chloe, in their normal, mundane and relaxed live. Except that for them, this means dealing with wild monsters and powerful maniacs. Follow the journey of three young people trying to survive in the modern and decadent world, as they increasingly find themselves facing a conspiracy that could change everything about that world upside down.

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16 chapters
1: The Wolf's Mystery (I)
In the quiet woods on the outskirts of small Tobata Village, something peculiar was happening. It had rained the night before, so the dew drops were still clinging to the leaves on the trees, and muddying the ground with puddles in the process. However, suddenly one of these is trampled by a deep and swift step, spreading muddy water around it. A child, with blond hair cut short, desperately flees into the depths of the woods. Running at a brisk pace, the boy does everything to increase the distance between him and his mysterious pursuer, while the despair on his face as he looks back tells otherwise. From afar, he glimpses the cursed executioner again. A big white wolf jumps out from behind the bush, while the child is already a little way off. His withered belly and semi-exposed rib explain that he hasn't eaten for days, and that he would do anything to have a bite of a large piece of meat. As the little one tires, and they get closer to the side of a mountain, the helpless prey se
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2: The Wolf's Mystery (II)
The Tobata Library, located at the edge of the village and next to the church square, was a common space. A huge building containing a vast expanse of years and years of history and knowledge of all kinds. Even with its wide range of books from the most varied genres, all individuals, inside, are treated as equals. Either you borrowed a book to take home, or you retreated to a small table, so you could read, and this was exactly the situation that a particular individual found himself.Seated at a small table by the window, with the sun's rays illuminating the pages of time-worn paper, the individual known as Adam Archen was quietly reading the book he had just chosen.In a question of appearance, he was a dark young man, a little short for his age, with dark green hair parted across his forehead. For clothing, he wears a long-sleeved white shirt and an orange tie, covered by a black vest with yellow buttons, dark brown pants, and black shoes.In the early afternoon, Adam's reading pr
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3: The Wolf's Mystery (III)
At the orphanage gate, Leonard faced the forest across the street, his eyes scanning the surroundings where he believed the missing child might have ventured. "It can only be there," he thought, weighing the possibilities in his mind. "If the kid had gone through the back, the cooks, and Adam himself could have seen and stopped him. Other than that, jumping the gate through the laundry room was going to get a lot of attention. Only the main entrance remains. But the gate is closed. Anyway, something is wrong in this story, but soon, the pieces will fall into place." Once through the first thicket, Leonard stumbled upon something peculiar and knelt down to examine it closely. "Fight marks on the floor," he observed, his brow furrowing. "Looks like someone rolled over here. They tried and managed to master something." Leonard stood up, scanning the area towards the north of the marking. Whatever had left these marks could have gone in any direction. However, the dense forest ahead s
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4: The Wolf's Mystery (IV)
The man runs out the door and Leonard goes down through the basement, to find a desperate scene.The messy hair guy had his arms and legs bleeding and extremely injured, while he was going to be devoured by the werewolf, who at that point in time, was half transformed. With only its arms, head and foot in the form of a wolf.Leonard lunges in to interrupt the action, hitting the lycanthrope with a bewildering slam that knocks the man to the ground. Then the boy does it again, trying to buy the man time to get away."RUN FROM HERE!" Shouted Leonard. His request is granted, and the guy with the messy hair starts to crawl in search of freedom.Meanwhile, Leonard faces the wolf. Tired of just being beaten, the lycanthrope tries a diagonal attack with the aim of tearing the boy's skin. But the dodges the blow just by jumping back.The wolf tries again, but Leo ducks to dodge and slashes at his opponent's belly. In order to make a stronger attack, the boy takes advantage of the wolf's momen
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5: The Wolf's Mystery (V)
"The battle between Adam and Chloe against the werewolf continued, but now, things started to get complicated.With Adam as the only one on the front line, Chloe had to alternate between attacking on her own and providing cover. In addition, fatigue and exhaustion were taking their toll on both of them, even more so when facing a rabid beast of that size.On the other hand, the werewolf's momentum made him tireless, unstoppable. Every dodged attack, every hit taken, all of it made the lycanthrope go crazy with rage. Little by little, the beast began to stand out, until, in a single movement, it became clearer.Adam prepares to land a decisive move on the werewolf's chest, a direct, fast and extremely hard punch. But when he does, to his surprise, his opponent absorbs the blow, taking the damage to launch a counterattack.Its claws attach to its opponent's neck, and the lycanthrope lifts Adam high, as if he were a trophy, taking the young boy hostage.Adam tries to react, moving his ar
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6: A Dance With Snakes
One afternoon, the trio bravely advanced through a dense forest, with quick and decisive steps, attentive to any sign of the monster that awaited them. The surrounding vegetation whispered as if warning of impending danger, but Leonard, Adam, and Charlotte would not back down.Suddenly, a deafening roar echoed through the trees, causing the ground to shake. Leonard felt adrenaline coursing through his veins, his eyes glittering with pent-up excitement."That's what we were looking for, a good fight!" He exclaimed with bold confidence.Adam, keeping his posture calm and steady, replied with a hint of defiance in his voice,"Looks like we've found our opponent."As they moved deeper into the forest, branches, and leaves stirred, and the ground shook beneath their feet. The monster's approach was unmistakable, and they knew battle was inevitable.And then, emerging from the shadows, the giant snake monster appeared. Its imposing and frightening form cut through the air, while its yellow
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7: Disagreements
The trio arrived at the bar, finding a well-preserved wooden structure with two floors. The first floor served as the main room of the bar, where several tables occupied the space, and diverse conversations echoed in the air. The top floor, housing the mission board and the negotiator, was hidden in a discreet corner and accessible through a narrow wooden staircase.Upon entering, everyone in the bar momentarily stopped talking, their attention drawn to the huge serpent's tooth that Adam carried in his hand. Some stared in silence, while others whispered secrets to each other. Unperturbed by the attention, the trio climbed the ladder to their destination. Adam and Chloe walked towards the negotiator, proudly displaying the trophies from their battle against the serpent. Leonard, somewhat put off by the bar's state, decided to focus his attention on the quest board. As he faced it, he found only one quest hanging from it. Acting quickly, he extended his arm to catch it but was surprise
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8: The Village Report (I)
As the group advanced through the dense forest, hours passed by in the embrace of nature's lush beauty. Barry cleared his throat, a hint of nervousness blending with his determination. "Listen up, everyone," he called out. "I have been thinking about leadership and what it takes to keep this team together, focused, and strong. I believe that to succeed, we need someone who can make quick decisions, inspire confidence, and lead us through any challenge that comes our way. He will have to be strong, powerful, and with an extremely firm hand. That's why I believe that this person should be none other than myself." Barry said that, exuding confidence, but no one really cared about what he was saying and just continued to walk. Except, obviously, for Leonard, who crossed his arms as his competitive spirit awakened. "Not so fast, Barry. I've got charisma, wit, and a unique ability to think on my feet, and manage to make sure people always come out of difficult situations unscathed, always
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9: The Village Report (II)
As the group arrived at the mayor's house, they were met with a mixture of surprise and confusion in the mayor's eyes. His jaw dropped slightly, taken aback by the presence of several young adventurers before him. For a moment, he looked speechless, struggling to comprehend the situation unfolding before him.The adventurers exchanged puzzled looks, trying to hide their awkwardness at the mayor's confused state. As they entered the house, the mayor fumbled, trying to regain his composure as he led them inside."Thanks for having us, Mayor. We heard about the disappearances in the village and came as quickly as possible to help," Adam said respectfully."Yes, yes, of course. It's just... I hoped... well, never mind. The important thing is that you are here now. Well..." the mayor stammered nervously.Seeing the mayor's confusion, Charlotte immediately asked, "We came for the mission, we don't know who requested it, so we thought you might be the most recommended person to guide us thro
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10: Into The Forest Heart (I)
The group ventured further into the mysterious forest, their minds still reeling from the disturbing sight they had witnessed earlier. The weight of their mission weighed heavily on their shoulders, and they were all too aware of the urgency of finding a solution before it was too late.In the afternoon it was sunny, under the sheet of dense forest, the group investigated the trail, with their attentive eyes hoping to find some trace. Any strange noise would be a good clue, but other than birdsong and running water, the whole place was silent.Crossing the river, they came across the place where Evangeline had been found. It was a huge clearing, with the trees forming a green wall that isolated this location from anywhere else in the forest."We'll have a good area to cover,'' commented Leonard, as the six split up to search each direction of the place.He, with his quick eyes, scanned all parts of the east. Barry used mysterious metallic spheres in the west, emitting a red glow from
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