A Treasure Storage House or A Slaughterhouse?

Then as the blades shot out at furious speeds towards his experienced attackers in the distance, an unbridled power that will certainly invoke both horror and terror in most low-rank cultivators that would come across it in their paths, began to suddenly emit from one of the cultivators far in front of Max.

The person that revealed this alarming power, must have probably imbibed something to have that sudden, great increase in his battle power and prowess.

While the others that Max launched those blades of Obstinite metal at, and could feel the penetration power and the mights carried by the blades shooting insanely fast towards them, they quickly put up large and thick protective domes of condensed Qi around them.




However, piercing sounds began to rampantly ring out as the razor-sharp blades that Max sent out from The Exterminator at them, began to strike the defensive domes of Qi that they quickly put up around them

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