Kindling his curiosity

Perceiving the whistling sound of the spear as it shot towards him from far using his powerful auditory sense, Max quickly grasped the obstinite blade in his two hands tightly and used one of them to slash out at whatever he felt was shooting furiously towards him from afar.


The instant the blade impacted the tip of the spear, a bang sound immediately rang out with a shock that made Max's entire arm completely numb, transmitting from the point at which the obstinite blade struck the spear to his hand.

The spear which was only colored in silver, but was made from a particular metallic material that will enable it to pierce through the defensive artifact of a average-rank cultivator, instantly cut apart into halves upon being struck by the obstinite blade.

While Max whose powerful left arm was already numb and had dropped the obstinite blade to the ground, quickly bent to pick it up.

Then with the other obstinite blade in his right hand, he rea

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