Awing his challengers (1)

Then after walking backwards for a few moment, she abruptly produced a kitana in her hand and used it to slash out at Zhou Bilan the instant she finished channeling tremendous amount of her Qi into it.

"Great Demoness Kitana Slash!" 

As soon as she slashed out at Xiao Bilan in the distance, large amounts of Qi immediately erupted from her kitana as one large cloud of mist which then abruptly transformed into a kitana too. Then once the kitana which only took a second to form from Qi surfaced, it instantly shot at a great speed towards Xiao Bilan in the distance. 

Sensing the dreadful power possessed by the profound Qi attack furiously shooting towards her, Xiao Bilan who was slightly surprised by the attack that Bi Xin had just sent out at her, quickly produced a massive and thick shield from her Fiery Qi and immediately placed in front of her to block the attack from impacting her. 


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