Battle of Geniuses (4)

However, as soon as she said that, Xiao Bilan who was ready to battle them, immediately made scarlet-colored Flame Qi which gave off intense temperature that will instantly turn a rock the size of a small house into lava, to abruptly flow to her palms where they began to rapidly accumulate there.

And once it gathered in massive quantities within her palms, it erupted out of it in the next instant and immediately transformed into massive scarlet fireballs that abruptly shot out towards both Huo Yun and Bi Xin that stood farther in front of her within the large room.

Seeing the attacks shooting towards them, Huo Yun and Bi Xin quickly erupted Qi from their hands which abruptly turned into fierce attacks that immediately shot out towards the alarming fiery Qi attacks that Xiao Bilan sent out towards them. 



As soon as the attacks struck each other, boom sounds imm

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