Appearance of The Ravaging Shadow

"I seriously wonder what this lad's body is made of, since it won't instantly burst into mist of blood upon impacting attacks that can immediately level massive rocks." 

"Hmm... This boy is now more mysterious than ever to me. I need to understand the constituents of his body and that of his body's bony framework. They are simply keys to unraveling the mystery that revolves unendingly around him, and how is able to rival the amazing body durability and shocking physical strength possessed uniquely by body-cultivators" The legacy-bestowing spirit said as she looked at Max whose profound eyes was permanently fixed upon, since she found him really interesting to look at, apart from being made to study him so as to comprehend how he was able to obtain such a power. 

The enhanced male cultivator who was greatly astonished by Max's shocking body durability, quickly aimed one of his palms out again at Max and discharged a larger amount of

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